in a snowy woodland a young cloaked girl wonders.
how long has been walking? minutes, hours, days, weeks, months? she doesn’t know. time doesn’t have any meaning here. she’s lost and lonely, only catching the barest glimpse of what her heart desires. the thing she is here to search for.
its something she can’t put a name to, or picture in her mind once the glimpse is over.
has she already found it, forgotten she’s found it, or is she still yet to find it.
how did she come to be here? she either doesn’t know or had forgotten in her passage through the woods.
a sharp crack draws her attention to the west of her, she hesitates then run towards the noise. its the first noise shes heard whilst here. as she moves she speeds up, scared to miss her chance of finding why she’s here.
the way slowly becomes more crowded with dead and dying trees, she pushes on ignoring the grasping hands of the trees and bushes.
suddenly she finds herself in a clearing, face to face with a young man. his face lights up when he sees her.
her heart skips a beat before she throws herself laughing into his arms.
“I thought i would never find you.” he says into her hair pulling her even tighter to him.
“thank god you did.” she says drawing slightly away from him to look into his ice blue eyes. “can we go home now?”
“you already are home. you just need to wake.”
“what do you mean?” she asks confused.
“these past four weeks you’ve been in a deep sleep with no sign of waking up. I had to consult the witch woman to give me a potion to enter your dream. please wake up soon. i cant be here much longer. already the potion is wearing off.”
“dont leave me,” she says as he starts to fade. “what am i to do?”
“find your way out of here. that’s all I know. goodbye my love untill we meet again.” with that he is gone, leaving the warmth of his arms around her and his scent in her nose.
she falls to the ground filled with grief. trying to hold on to the feeling of him.
how long she stays like that we’ll never know.
her young man waits by her side, willing her to wake. in turns praying and cursing the god that could leave her in this state.