Turn on the news at the moment and tuition fees are bound to be in the line up some where. It’s the stick politicians are using to beat each other with during the conference season.

We’ve already heard the Lib dems view on politics, which we must remember is a complete one eighty turn around from what their views wer less than two years ago.

In the run up to the 2010 election the dems were promising that if they got into power they would reverse the tuition fees that labour brought in. There for making it cheaper for students to attend university. Not only have the dems sat in a government that’s upped the tuition fee limit but they have said that they would be willing to see it raise again.

As a member of the labour party there is little I can say about the introduction of the fees as my party brought them in. At the time i argued and petitioned those higher in the party then myself to not go head with them. Sadly like so many others my pleas fell on deaf ears.

If I had managed to get the grades I needed to go to uni I would have been in the last intake to not have to pay the fees. sadly I didn’t manage to get the grades so I missed my chance to do it on the cheap as it where. So knowing that I would have to pay a grand a year for my uni ed after bumping up my grades I worked through the next year and sadly didn’t get the grades yet again.

By the time I got the grades at the age of twenty I had better things to spend the money on. I was pregant and my partner and I where struggling to afford a bigger place and all the things you need that come along with a child. so once again I didn’t make it into uni.

It’s worth it when you consider that I have a wonderful son now who quickly coming up to three. I find that every time tuition fees are mentioned I start worrying about how my son will afford to go in less than sixteen years. already he has a trust fund with money going in monthly for him to use to pay for uni. But the rate that the fees are going up there’s a very good chance that even the fund wont be enough to cover even one years uni education.

In the past year the tory and lib dem government have brought in a new cap of up to £9000 a year. I know that compared to some countries even that seems like a very small amount for uni education. but in a country where in till five years ago you didn’t have to pay tuition fees and in some cases could get grants to help pay for housing and what not, it’s quite a lot.

We’re only on the first day of the labour party conference and already they are talking about tuition fees. they are saying that they want to cap the tuition fees at £6000 a year. which is good of them as most uni are charging the max they can. But, we wouldn’t be talking about the need to cap the fees if the party hadn’t brought them in, in the first place.

The labour party is supposed to be on the side of the working class and making sure that everyone has the same chances in life matter where their from or how much their family earns. under the party rule more people found they could get to uni and then use that to get a better job. it became a right not something that only the rich could afford to do.

By bringing in the tuition fees labour opened to door for the Tories to turn the dream of getting a degree and a good job into the preserve of the rich.

we’re always hearing about the need for more scientists, doctors, etc but with the high rate of fees before adding in the price of housing, etc, means that a lot of people who would have gone to uni to study those subjects can’t afford it and end up doing something that doesn’t help us as a nation.

Now we have the fees in place I don’t see them going away again, all I can hope is that people studying in areas we as a country need are able to get grants and pay less for their degree than those studying mickey mouse subjects that have no use what so ever.