I will hold my hands up and say that that i am a little racist. Its not something i like about myself and before i lived in Rochdale i would never have believed it is something i would ever say.

Before i go further i would like to say that i have friends who are Muslim and have in the past and still do try to understand why people believe and act the way that they do.

During the last moth of my pregancy i moved to a muslim area of the town and thought nothing of it, untill i gave birth to my son. as my son was born with jaunice we had to stay in the hospital for a couple of nights and on the second night i had to call home to compalin about the muslim family in teh bed oppisite mine. the mother had only given birth that day and when she was moved to the ward after visting hours she brought with her five people, who shouted, woke my son up from his nap which in turn woke me up in a bit of a grump.

when i was moved to the ward my family werent allowed to come with me as it wasnt visting hours and i didnt mind that. Having spent the last forty hours surounded by people while my son took his sweet time entering the world.

When i mentioned to the ward sister about not being happy about the difference in treatment between my son and myself and the muslim family i was told that they let the womans family on to the ward for the best part of two hours late at night as they didnt feel able to tell them only the mother and child could go to the ward.

This was the start of a long slow slide into my views on racism changing. Why should they be treated any didferent then the rest of us whoi have just gone through the same thing. the woman already had five kids so surely she know what to do in those first few hours without family there to wake the dead with their shouting and screaming!

Thankflly after i and another new mother complained the family where resicted to visiting times just like our own. But it really shouldnt have come to that. therers signs up all over the place about how you should be quite when visiting and respect others who may be sleeping/seeing the doctor.

when i got out of the hospital i didnt think any more about it. i had a new son adn his feeding habits of once every hour and a half to deal with. it wasnt until nearly a year later when i started getting really peeved with the difference in treatment between muslim mothers and non muslims mother in that area, and found myslef thinking and acting more racist.

I took my son to the local sure start center and found that the muslim mothers no matter when they arrived for things like baby weigh ins etc where seen first no matter when they arrived, whislt white mothers where pushed to the back of the line.

When my son was active enough (about six months) to pay with the toys and other children at the play sessions the burka’d mothers whould take the toys and their kids away from him leaving him with nothing and no one to play with. When telling the leader of the sure start how unhappy i was with this they said their was nothing they could without being reported to their boss in the council for being racist. So in effect it was alright for the muslims to be racist but when a non muslim spoke out about it they were left feeling useless and wondering what sort of place they where allowing their son to be.

And going shopping was a nightmare. Half the time your stood in the line waiting to pay and an asain family will just walk to the front and get served as if they had waited like everyone else. The only time i have ever had anything taken from me after putting it in the trolley when shopping was when woolies closed down and a group of burkad wome kept taking things out of the trolley after i had put them in. One of the women tried to hit me when i told her where to go. I had picked up a large bag of bag of cheap baby clothes for my son and had put other things on top of it when she diecied she wanted it and rummaged through my trolley to get it whilst i was picking something else up.

Maybe thats how they do things where these women “come from” but thats not how we do things things here. I put come from in quotaion marks as i dont really have a clue if they come from else where or where born here as a lot of them refuse to speak english. even if there is some one with them who says they can.

With actions like that is it any wonder more and more people including myself are turning against muslims and wondering when the pandering to them is going to stop?

my ex land lord is muslim and he often has the same complaints that i do about the actions of a lot of muslims in rochdale. He told me that he and his wife sent their children to largely qhite schools as they didnt want them to held back by class mates who having been born here werent taught english in the home, and where having to learn it before any teaching could happen.

He shocked me by saying that he can understand why people think the EDL and BNP are forces for good, when people within his own community are acting in ways which just encourge people to hate instead of getting along with them. He also stated to me last week (he works in manchester so i tend to see him alot), that he doesnt think anyone else should be allowed into this country unless they have great enhlish skills and will use them. Even if they are coming here to be with family. This shocked me as i assummed that he wouldnt have the same probs with muslims that i and others i have spoken to do.

I would never a-line myself with people like the BNP and EDL, but atfer talking to him and my own experinces of living in an area where a minority of people can get away with in some cases crimenal acts because of their race and faith then i can see why grups like them are gaining support and seats in councils, etc.

I hope one day to be rid of negative feelings towards muslims, but whislt they are allowed to get away with the way they are acting i can only see more amd more people like myself finding themselves becoming racist through no fault of their own.

Hopfuly one day we can all live together and work through these issues there will be no more racism and people finding that they hold racist views.