I don’t believe that it can.

Walking around the town I grow up in, I see how things have changed for the worst.

when I was younger I saw people helping others and older people not being scared of younger people. Now I walk down the street and see older people trying to get as far away from younger people. No one helping any one out whether that’s helping them on or off a bus or carrying shopping bags.

Where I live we have a convent where older nuns go to live out their days. People used to respect the nuns and talk to them, when they where out and about. now I rarely see nuns walking around the town and when I do they are often given a wide berth and don’t stop and talk to people like they used to.

I was brought up in the Church of England and found it often informative to talk to the nuns about the difference between their beliefs and my own. now when I’m at bus stop with a nun they often don’t respond to my hello or comment on how no one outside of their church will stop to pass the time of day with them.

even within my generation I see people ignoring others who need help or just refusing to talk to anyone. you go into shops and the cashier often wont say hello never mind talk to you whilst they sort out your shopping. Maybe I’m just being a little nit pickie. but, I miss the days when I could go to the local shop and talk to the person serving. where they are friendly enough to ask where something is when you can’t find it. I find half the time now the staff are talking to each other and ignore your presence. in other cases they are on the phone or just simply ignore your request.

it’s not just in shops that I have noticed this, in children’s play areas where I take my son the other parents sit by themselves on the phone or just watching their kids play. when you try to talk to them they give you a dirty look and move away. Often the kids are left playing on their own because they don’t have a clue how to interact with others since their parents don’t seem to.

When parents aren’t interested in teaching their kids to interact with others then the kids don’t have a chance of being able to understand where anyone is coming from. A lot of whats wrong with society today is the lack of right parenting. when I say that I mean that often parents don’t know how to teach their kids to be a positive part of the community and when they live in areas like I did in Rochdale it’s often safer to make sure that kids aren’t too friendly with strangers and keeping them away from other people. which makes the symptoms of the down fall of society even worse.

It’s a mammoth task to try to turn around the decay within our society, and I just don’t think that are enough people out their who want to change things for the better. There are small groups of people out there who try to change things for the better. But, they are way to few and far between.

People often don’t feel comfortable to go to those groups and even if they do they often don’t feel motivated enough to continue going to the groups, or even help the groups reach out to other people.

I have seen a fall in the numbers of people who are willing to help kids through groups like guides, scouts etc. this is often because they are afraid of being arrested for child abuse when they were only trying to help the kids gain valuable life skills. With fewer people ready to run the risk of being given a criminal record for helping children learn life skills. Theres less chance for kids to learn the life skills they need to get along with people and be able to help rebuild the society we have lost over the past twenty or so years.