I dont seem able to put the news on of an evening at the moment without there being live footage of the trial, or clips that are mere minutes old.
Watching the trial footage it seems to me that teh lawyers and often the witnessess are playing up to the camera and dont often seem to be aware of what they saying, going off how often they have to be asked to clarify statements.
From what i understand court cases are shown on t.v. quite often in the USA. But here in England the only cases i have ever seen on the t.v. are the ones in fictional shows and clips from very high profile court cases from abroad.
I cant help but have the feeling that this a sham trial anyway as we all know Murray is more then likely going to be found guilty and spend the next ferw years of his life being the target of hate and violance.
No one would be intreasted in the trail if the person he is accused of killing was an everyday person, instead of a maga star.
yes it was horrible that Michael Jackson died and a great talent was lost with his death. but before he died a lot of people couldnt care less what happened to him after his own well publiside trrail for child abuse.
A lot of the people who are calling for blood at Dr Murrays trail are the same ones who called for blood at Jacksons trail and after he was found innocent said they stilll believed that jackson is guilty of child abuse.
I dont think that anyone has taken the time out to think about how having this trial played out on t.v. like some sort of drama is going to affect his children. We already know that teh grandparents couldnt really care less after teh way they treated their own kids. And, as the uncles and aunts where merely money making machines i worry that they also dont know how to think of others.Latoya Jackson has said she wants the kids to be witnesses at the trial. this are young children who are still hrting after losing a father they loved, being thurst into the public eye.
Untill Jacksons death no one outside of Jacksons circle knew what the kids looked like so they could lead a life not being hounded by the press. within two years we know cant go a week without seeing their pictures in a newspaper or gossip mag.
What sort of life is that for the kids? And how are they going to feel in a few years time when they have moved away from the pain of today, and re-read the paper articles and see clips of the trial and how they where lead into a postion that is scary for an fully grown adult never mind a lost child.
Dr Murray has a lot of things going against him in this trail and i feel he’ll never get a fair trail. televised or not.