I love the worlds that Hamilton has created in her Anita Blake and Merry Gentry series.

For even hough they are set in a parrell world to ours there is soch included in her world that ties it to ours in such a way that you can believe with out too much prompting that they could exist.Within her stories she drawas a lot of infulance from myths and legends that we are all aware of in one form or other.

The Anita Blake series consentrates more on what i term the darker side of the myths. Blood thirsty vampires and zombies sest on revenge. Witches and were animals, be they wolves, leopards, rats, loins, tigers etc.

She takes the idea of vampire clans on step futhr and has them living in a deadlier from of poltical soicety then we currently do. But one that centuries ago people in power would have reconized without a missed beat. This is helped by the fact that alot of the vampires who hold the powerfl poistions within her books where around when court, and government life would have been like that.

The detail that she puts into making sure that the courts run by the vampires are as real as possible make other forms of “vampire lit” pale into folly in comparison.

The Merry Gentry books on the other hand are slightly ligther then the Blake books and deal with more of a bringin a land and people back to life.

Merry is a princess within the dark unseelie court and it is her job to get pregant before her evil cousion gets someone else pregant so she can carry on living. As the story progresses she gains new powers and helps others re-gain their lost powers through sexual acts.

As Merry is a fairy princess in a world that knows about the existance of fairies and is highly intreasted in everything they do. The fairies are like stars of hollywood and are followed everywhere by the press. which means that everyone wants to know about every aspect of their lifes and do the best they can to look and act like the fey.

Religion plays a small part within both series. Blake is an christian who had to find a new church after people like her (animators/necromancers) are decreed as evil by the Pope. Merry on the other hand is much more Wiccan in her beliefs often praying to the goddess and being used as a vessel for the goddess to do her good work within the world.

Anita mes and associates with a wider range of people and supernatural beings then Merry, but the fey that merry meets and makes pacts with more then make up for the lack of different species.

Both women are small and fiesty. Anita uses a gun and later in her books using vampire powers she’s gained through her bond with master vampire and lover Jean-Claude. Merry depneds a lot on guards shes gains early on in the series and magical powers she gains called the hand of fleash, and the hand of blood.

Merry has a hell of a lot more sex scenes then Anita, but she was brought up in a world wher sex is openly talked about and participated in. Where as Anita as a strong christian never really feels comfortable with the amount of sex she has to have with different people thanks to a different power she gained through her bond with Jean-Claude.

I think that if you haven’t read either of these series yet then you are missing out on a world that feels as real as book set in the here and now.