Yet again I’ve turned on the news and found it plastered with live footage from the Dr. Murray trail. Having freeview i only get bbc news and sky news and its difficult to find something other then the trial on after about seven pm.
During the day you cant see the news without it showing footage from the night before.
On the other hand the Amanda Knox trail is barely covered at all even though it is telivised and is watched just as avidly in the USA, as the murray trial.
Watching the clips of the trial its so intreasting to see the difference between the way the two trails are conducted.
Within Dr Murray trail theres loads of pictures and flow charts to help people keep track of where they are in the proccedings.
The lawyers are quite polite and much more like how you see them in the movies and tv shows.
Where as in the knox trial the lawyers dont have as much visual stuff and are a hell of a lot less polite, throwing names like devil woman around when talking about Knox.
To be honest i dont really see how the juries in the trials are able to come to their conclusions in an unbaised way like they are supposed to. When every part of the trial is open for publis consumtion, leading the news shows and papers to comment on every part of the trial not just the bits they do over here.
I find it hard to understand how people can sit down and watch the trial for hours on end, when in reality the trial really doesnt have anything to do with them. And, in no way will effect their lives in any way other then knowing the out come of the trial.