The fire stirred in the wind. Momenterily growing brighter before fading into almost nothing. The woman watching it heaved a heavy sigh. Her time was nearly up and she wasnt ready. How could she be ready when there was still so much work to be done. And, no one to carry on her hard work.
SiXty years ago there where plenty of girls like her wanting to take up the mantle. The life of the wise woman was one every young girl aimed towards. If they could get to be wise women they didnt have to get married and have children till they where old before their time.
A shuffle caght her attention and she looked up and up and into the depths of a hooded figure. Slowly with a graon the figure lowered itself to sit crosed legged oppiste the woman.
“it’s been long time.” stated the figure.
“Yes it has. I had hoped it would be longer.”
“i know my child. i heard your prayers.”
“then why must i go now. asked the woman poking the dimming fire with a short pointed stick.
” i heard your prayers. But, sadly your time in this world is drawing to a close.”
“theres no one to take my place.No one to protect the people after me.” she said playing the stick through her fingers.
The hooded figure merely gazed futher into the flames, not meeting the bold stare of the old woman.
“within this time there is no real need for people like us any more. The people don’t believe any more. As their faith wanes so does our strength against that we have fought. the people need to find a way to deal with it in their own way. using the new technolgy that they have made as we’ve grown old.”they sat in silence for a while watching the fire dim and die.
the hooded figure stood and held their hand out to the old woman.
the woman with a groan heaved herself up batting the hand out of her way. with a last look at the bright lights behind her, at her home which had changed so much in the last few years.
With one last prayer for those she’d be leaving behind she turned, placed her hand into the hooded figures and walked with them into the darkness.