Just been flicking through Wikipedia to see if any of my fave books are being turned into movies/tv series. And came across a rumor that the rights to the first Morganville Vampires book Glass Houses have been bought.

Well that got me thinking maybe I could find out more with a little google search. Many searches later I find myself looking at a forum board for the actor Bradley James, who’s currently staring in the bbc series Merlin. Please don’t ask how I got there as I havent a clue. Think I may have started looking up Merlin stuff as it’s a good show.

Any way I found myself on a forum board all about Bradley James and it was full of threads about his teeth, who he is rumored to be dating, who people would like him to date from the show, and the weirdest one yet how long would it take to shave his chest hair!?!

having seen this and got thinking about insane things people say about people they don’t know I had a look to see if it was same for other actors on their forums. and I have to say the Merlin actors one was pretty tame compared to some of the stuff i found on others.

Take a movie database website forum for Robert Pattinson. theres a lot of titles there that where x-rated and of the ones that weren’t x-rated some of them seem to call for the murder of his current girlfriend so he could then date the poster. Now while I agree that the person rumored to be his girlfriend isn’t a very good actress and I tend not to watch anything she’s in, I would never say lets kill her. she must be doing something right to still be getting roles.  but very few people who hae something negative to say about her on the forums seem to have not looked past the fact that she is dating Pattinson and they don’t like it.

None of the forums seem to have anything useful to them. there very little in the way of grown up debate over things the actor has done in the past and what roles people would like to see them in, in the future. there seems to be a large pack mentality to the forums where if someone doesn’t agree with very one else they are hounded till they either agree or don’t post on the site any more.

Looking at some forums for music bands I like I have noticed a huge difference in the way posters on the forums talk about the bands and other posters. there is a lot more respect and people seem to get the idea that they have no right to say who the person should be dating and such like. On the forums they have the ability to debate the good and bad points of work that as been produced and no one seems to be singled out for bullying.

I have yet to find a forum for an actor that i can say the same about. And that’s just sad. Surely people who follow the forums for actor have the ability to see that the things they are posting are just weird if not down right crazy. never mind the ones where you are left wondering if the poster should be in a mental hospital. which as some one who has family members who have mental health issues I don’t say lightly.

Maybe at 24 I’m too old to “get it” as a lot of the people posting on these sites seem to be in there early to mid teens and don’t have a grasp of whats socially acceptable yet. Plus with easy access to the internet and how anonymous it is, its easy for people to say things that they wouldn’t think of saying in “real life”, and those things hit a larger audience then they otherwise would.

Surely these people have better things to with their time then casting about menace for people they will never met in a format that can be seen by any one any age.