We’re two weeks into the trial and already i’m way beyond sick of hearing about it. Getting updates on the trial is one thing but to have other news interupted so the news can go to a live fed from the courtroom seems a bit extreme.
Yes we wouuld love to know what happened on that tragic day, but surely there comes a point where not only are we getting too much information about whats happening in court and the whole process become baised.
How can ther be a fair trial when the whole world is watching the process and commenting on it. There are people who think Dr Murray should be sent down for life and others who think that he was just trying to do his job. They get into huge debates about it, which in turn spill on to the airwaves where the jurors are going to hear/ see it.
I also think that no one is really considering the effects this whole show (which is what it has turned into) is having/will have on the three Jackson kids. Two of them are old enough to know whats going on and be affected by it no matter how brave a face they put on things.
The youngest one may not really know whats happening but in a few years will be old enough to see the coverage on the internet and be effected by it.
I went on a news site earlier and as the main picture they had a photo of Jacksons naked body after his death. Thats something i as a fan of his dont want to see and can only imagine what it must be like for his children to see it/ know that its out there for public consumpution. No one other then the people in the courtroom needs to see it.
Through out the past two years i have felt that no one is really looking out for the childrens intreasts in this whole debarcle. AFter what their uncles went through as children in the spot i would have hoped that they wold protect the children better, as the evidence is that the grandparents arent very good at protecting children.But sadly that doesnt seem to be the case. i’ve heard and seen more about the kids int eh past two years then i have in the ten before Jackson died. That doesnt seem right. He worked hard to make sure that teh kids where protected from the media so they could live a semi normal life. Now you open a newspaper and see pictures of them of the type that an adult celeb wouldnt be happy being published.
Hopefully this whole thing will blow over sooner rather then later so the kids can try and build a life without their father, and remember him as he was full of love and life. Not as a cold body waiting for its final medical invasion.