Earlier this year i decied that it was time to lose the baby weight i put on. I put on about five stone. which is a hell of a lot in the four months i had of not being sick four times a day.

The last for months i lived off red meat, potatoes and sweets. They where the only things i could eat without throwing up. I know not good for me or the baby. (but he came out a healthy 7lbs 2 and 54cms long.)

So anyway after months of trying to lose the weight by exercising more and eating less i had lost only about 8lbs.

So in my quest to lose the weight and get healthy again i did what any right thinking person would do and took myself off to the doctors. where after a blood test to see if there was a medical reason for it came back all clear, i somehow managed to get the doctor in the place whos yet to become a proper doctor.

After explaining the problem to him he told me there was nothing medical he could do for me as the test results where normal but congratulated me on admitting i had a problem with my weight. and how proud i should be that i’m willing to do something about it.

He told me that losing the wieght is down to me and theres nothing they could do. but then after weighing me he announced if i fail to lose weight after seeing the dietian i could go for a gastric band or somache stapling surgury. something i really want to avoid as that doesnt help the underlying problem i have.

looking arond there are so many options for people trying to lose weight. Theres as many different types of diet and exercise programmes that i just dont know where to start. Hence the trip to the doctors.

I have as many different recommendations for programmes to try as i do friends and family. all of them swearing theirs is the way to go.

Maybe i’m looking at this whole wrong and should just dip my toes in the water and pick one. but that just seems wrong somehow. i dont know enough about diet and such like to know which is the right one for me.

And, i find it hard to believe that most people who do diets know if they are on the right one for them and staying healthy whilst they are on them.

Plus on the other side of the coin when coming off the diet everyone tends to put the weight they have lost straight back on again. So it’s a lot of pain for not a lot gain and quite often people put more weight on then before they went on the diet.

Its all just so damn confusing with no clear course as to where to go and how to manage it.