Just found out that today is World Arthritis Day. Really wasnt aware of this just like i’m not aware of most of the World whatever days.
Like did you know the other day was world coming out day. and that its national coming out day in britian? nope neither did i till my tweeter feed filled up with people commenting on the different days.
How do you celebrate these days? Well it could appear that meerly commenting on the day is enough.
Whilst its a good idea to have different days where we become more aware of things, surely it would help if we know about the days before hand and how were meant to make them. Surely people who are yet to come out as gay dont need a special day to do it on. any day when they had the courage to do is a good day. not some cold and windy october day.
Rememberance day is a day that means a lot to people and one of only a few days for something that i understand and want to carry on. But again surely we should be able to commerate our fallen and injured brothers and sisters in arms on every other day of the year. Thankfully for the british legion and help for heros we do have that one special day to bring their case to peoples attention and get them to give much needed money to the carities to help them help others.