Since my last post I have received information about three different ways I can go forward with my weight loss with  help from a Dietitian, within my area. All of the options are for people who’s bmi is greater than 30 which sadly mine is.

The first option is Eatwell sessions. Four sessions over three months with a follow-up session after six months.

This session looks at helping you read food labels, ideas for a healthier life and looking at ways to help reduce weight.I dont feel that this session is really for most people, myself included. The course is very informal and there isn’t really a lot you can do in two hours one very three weeks to help you learn how to improve your health and weight.


The next option is Inside out. Two hours every week for eleven weeks followed by assessments six months, 12 months and two years after completion of the course.

This session is a group weight management course, which looks at eating habits, emotional eating, the amount of activity you do. whilst also going out and about within the local area for walks and other such activities. Whilst making sure that every move you make is a healthy one.

I feel that this option is most likely the best one on offer, as it is closer to what most people like myself trying to lose weight healthy need. Plus with the regular assessments after completion of the course you have that safety net of knowing you will be seen again to make sure your still on the right track.

Lastly the final option is one on one sessions with a Dietitian. One hour sessions for up to six months.

This option looks at the way you eat, what you eat, how to change the way you eat in a healthy and lasting way.

I believe that this option will be helpful if you can’t face doing this kinda thing in front of others. and as you’re the only one in he session you have the complete attention of the dietitian for the session. This is the one session where I feel you really have to put in a lot of work to progress as there isn’t any one lese there to ask the questions you feel are to silly ask or to prop you up if you don’t feel like opening up as much on that day.

These options are better than I thought I would be offered when I was referred to the service and I can sign up to take part in all of them not just one or two. Its something which means that as I wait for the option I really want to open I can be doing something else.

Yes losing the weight is something only I can do, and its something that I need to do for my health, but with these options I have people there to help me gain the skills I need to lose the weight and maintain the weight loss.