My story starts at the start to the Tudor period.

Henry VII had just won his crown in the last of the battle of the Roses. Not that we know that then. There had been so many wars between the noble house of Lancaster and York that we werent sure it was the end.

Standing at my post outside the doors to Westminster Palace after the wedding of the king to Elisabeth of york, in my fancy new guards uniform I couldn’t help but notice the people cheering for them who not many day ago where crying out for both their blood. They made a sight progressing through the street towards us, surrounded y their noble friends and servants.

It was a lot to take in for a lad of barley sixteen years. Even though i had seen my fair share of bloodshed and killed many a man in the heat of battle. I proven myself worthy and the king himself asked me to be one of his royal guards. What else was  a lad from a small fishing town to do but say yes.

I had only been in this post a short time and still didn’t know my way around the palace. It was the largest biggest building I had ever been allowed to stand near let alone be allowed to call home. Yet here I was watching the royals pass through the doors close enough to touch.

Right behind them came their trusted friends and nobles they had to invite to keep the tiny peace we had fought for. Behind them came their servants dressed in drab dull clothes that made mine all the better. But then in the mist of the servants my eye was caught by a fair headed young maid. She looked out-of-place amongst the servants. her hair shone gold in the mid afternoon light, and her clothes where slightly better than the rest. Yet for all this she was walking with the trusted servants in the same way as them. But i swore then and there that she was the most regal person i had ever seen. Even more regal then my king and queen.

The other servants seemed to feel the same way as they pressed close to her as if to bask in her glory.

As she moved past me she looked me straight in the eye giving me a small nod and smile, before i could return her greeting she had disappeared into the palace. A place where I would probably never see her again.

A sharp smack across the back of my head drew my attention back to front and center.

“Keep your eyes where they are paid to be.” Shouted the gruff gaurd master into my ear. With a last blow to my head he moved off round the palace to check on everyone else.

That was the first time I saw her. The girl, the woman, the goddess who was to change my life and destiny forever.