Should sexualtiy stop you getting a movie role?

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I dont believe that it should.

I have been reading today about actors refusing to “come out” as it would damage their career prospects. Stop them getting the big jucie roles, where man meets girl, they fall in love, something goes wrong, they fix it and live happily ever after.

It is a problem mainly in america, where lets be honest they can be a bit backwards when it comes to be being accepting of others. I know most people over there are just as accepting if not more so then anyone else, but that doesnt stop the small minded ones from making things difficult for others.

Now not being an actor myself or gay, i am only writing this from the point of view of some one who has gay friends and has listened to whats happened to them before, during and after they came out. In most cases no one cared and just got on with whatever they where doing. One friend came out and no batted an eye. For a while it was a very badly kept secret. He hasnt been held back from anything by being overtly gay. If anything opportunities have opened for him.

Anyway getting back on track. There are plenty of well known gay actors who get decent parts and from the outside it is hard to say that their career has suffered for it.

Take Neil Patrick Harris for instance. Plays the sexual predator with a heart in How I Met Your Mother. Just watching the way he acts the part of a “player” going after every woman in a bar it’s hard to believe that Harris swings the other way.

Or Russell Tovey. I have only ever seen him in one role as a gay man, most of the other rolls i have seen him in he plays lead charaters who have a very sexual relationship with woman. Inculding on comdey Him and Her where he regulary has his hands down the top of the femail lead or is dry humping her.

Turns out i was the only one of my mates who didnt know he was gay when we were talking about gay actors on drunken night.

Rupert Everett is one actor who could possibly say that his career has been effected by coming out. His best know roles are playing gay man or dressing up in drag. Not something many men are comfortable enough to do whatever their sexual preference.

But in the case of Rupert i believe that part of his problem is that he isnt as good an actor as he think he is. Dont get me wrong i love him and enjoy watching his stuff, but he’s a bit like Hugh Grant. more sutiable to a certian genra then any of the others.

On the same token you have straight men playing gay men and in some cases they are great at it. In other cases it is very clear that the actor isnt comforable with kissing another man.

I dont think women have the same problem. Most women are able to just get on with the job, wether thats kissing a man or woman for a role. I myself have kissed some of my femail mates and it hasnt meant anything. Most of the time we do it to get rid of someone whos bugging the friend. I’m the fat not so good looking one in my group of mates so i normaly get through the night without having anyone being over friendly.

Also i think with women men seem to think that its more of a challange to get with them and will earn them kudos with their mates.

Women are often better actors anyway in my opinion. Every day is an act just for the woman to get through it with out killing someone, or letting the hurt caused by others show. It really is a mans world out there and gay men are quite often the only men who can understand how hard it is to get anywhere as a woman as they are in the same boat.


Abolition of meat week.

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I Recently read an article about the abolition of meat week.

I didn’t even know it was a real thing. Turns out is nearly over with the last day being the 29th of Jan.

So what is the aim of this week?

The aim is that everyone in the world stops eating meat for a week, and consider’s the practices used whilst the animal grows and then to kill it.

I am a meat eater, I love meat. The smell of bacon on a cold morning just warms something in the heart.

But I also like knowing where the meat has come from and that the animals are treated properly, not just locked in tiny cages in their own filth.

It’s why i like going to my local farmers market. Having grown up in a rural(ish) area i went to school with farmer kids and spent time playing with them in their families fields.

So i know that the eggs i buy haven’t come from a battery farm, and god knows that they taste all the better for it.

I know that the animals as they are reared have the run of large fields and the best quality feed. When it is slaughter time they go a local farmer run slaughter house which exceeds all good working practices.

The meat when it reaches the market stall has very little food miles, is fresher then anything you could by from a shop shelf, and it just tastes better.

Now that is just my way of looking at it. I am eating locally produced food and helping to sustain the local economy.

There are a lot of bad farmers and slaughter houses out there who will do anything to make a quick quid, including keeping the animals in condidtions of squalor, where they are kept amonst their dead comrades.

Now i understnad people not wanting to eat meat because of bad practice, instead chosing to be vegan or some form of vegetrian.

What do i mean y some form of vegetrian. Well i know people who would class themsleves as such but will still fish, or chicken and more often then not will still eat eggs and dairy products. That to me defeats the object of not eating animals or animal products.

Alot of things contain geletin which comes from animals and most veg’s are more then happy to eat those things. In my mind eating geletin is just as bad as eating the meat of the animal. Often worse as its the nasty bits of the animal that get tunred into geletin not the yummy meaty bit.

I would love for everyone to follow best practice when it comes to breeding animals and killing them for their meat. But while we live in an age where quite often the farmers struggle to get a fair price for their animals you will always have people keeping the animals in squalor and killing them in an unhumane way.


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What is it with money?

You find your going to get some unexpectedly, and think i’ll put some aside for a rainy day/get something really really fantastic for my son.

Then after getting it you pay off a bit of debt, half of it has gone, and you still have debt laughing at you. You spend some getting a presant for your son you know he’ll love and will prob wear out before he grows out of it. And get a couple of things for yourself that were in the sale.Ie finally tracking down some nickel free hoop earrings that arent big enough to put your fist through.

After all that you find you have spent nearly all of your money and have very little to put aside after you have given you ex some money to spend on the kid in a couple of days time.

I know where all my has gone, hell my dad knows as he was there whilst i sorted out paying off the debt, he holds some of my debt, so its in his intreast to keep track. But i’ve got to the end of the day and i’m sat here thinking, shit! That didnt last long.

Its just the same when you get paid. You carefully plan out what you need to pay for that month and by the end of the day your moneys dissappeared and your sure theres something you havent paid. You only find out what that something is half way through the month when you phone gets cut off, or you get a reminder to pay an energy bill you could have sworn was a direct debit.

Surely a noise should be made every time you go to spend money just so you realize that money is going never to be seen again. Doesnt happen like that, and i’m fairly sure if it wasnt for the fact i dont like using the card to pay for things i would be sat here with even less money in the account.

Blackpool fc

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May not be in the premier Lgeaue any more, but as far as I am concerned they are the best football club ever.

My little brother took me to my first match when i was eighteen, we sat in the newly built stand and in Ablock, the band behind us and the goal in front. We won the match two one and i will never forget the feeling of watchingmy home team play well and seeing all three goals scored just yards from where i was supposed to be seated. Dont know if you know this but you dont really spend that much time sitting at a match, even more so when your surrounded by you 13 year old bro and his mates.

In the nearly seven years since i have only managed to attend one other match and that was last year, a friendly with Rangers. Needless to say Rangers won by a mile, but it has left me with quite possibly my happiest memory from the past year or so. Sat there with my father, brother and ex (who supports both teams), all enjoying a very good game of football. Trying hard to ignore the fact that half the Blackpool team at the time had come in one way or another from Rangers.

My son who is only just getting to grips with the fact Manchester United are very bad, loves wearing his Blackpool top. to the point where if it needs to be washed you have to hid it or wash it whilst he’s sleeping to stop him wearing it again.

So last night since he is starting to grow out of his Shirt i looked online to get him a new one. For the size that he needs i could get a full kit for only a fiver more then just the shirt. No contest there. The whole kit it is.

But then i got thinking, wouldnt it be nice to have something on the back. You know so he can pretend to be a proper grown up footballer. Well that brings up a whole new range of choices to make. Do you get his name and age on the back, and run the risk of letting every one know his name? Silly i know but you hear stories. Do you get a players name and number?

After a long chat with my bro we came to the conclusion a players name and number would be the best choice.

Again this is a minefield of choices. You dont really want to get someone who’s just joined the team as they may turn out to be a bit rubbish. Just look at Torres for an example.

So that leaves you with a fair number of players to pick from. After weighing up the merits of each player we came down to three choices.

Crainey (3), Southern (4) or Eardley (5), five mins of debate later we go with Crainey as his number is the same as my’  sons age, and he’s scottish just like my sons father.

Just need to wait for it to be delievered now. Cant wait to see his little face when he gets it and get lots of pics of him in it. Hopefuly i’ll be able to take him to his first Blackpool home game before he turns eighteen so he can experince the trill of watching his team play live and join in the chanting. On secound thoughts with some of the langue used in the chanting he may need to be a teenager before i take him.

sorry bro

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My little brother feels that in an earlier post about the Labour Party i strayed from the facts.

He says that during the lastest round of strikes he knew people from the labout party who baked cakes to give to strikers and joined them on many a picket line. From what he was telling me a lot of these people where yonger members who took the day off uni. Nowt wrong with taking the day off uni to join in a strike.

He believes that i have got a large amont of facts wrong due to only dealing with a small number of people from parts of the party. And that my own experinces with a handfl of people from Rochdale clp colours my view point. On that he may just be right. I wont go into detail as its in the past and i’ve moved on.

So dearest brother here is your chance to blog on my site about where i went wrong in my estimation of the party and what you think the party is doing right.

Refusing an honour.


The bbc have recently released a list of people who refused to accept an honour from the Queen.

I should say here that i was brought up in a family who dont really like the monarchy. We only like then when they have a wedding and we get the day off work without losing any money.

Anyway i know that it is supposed to be a great thing to receive an invite to get an honour from the Queen, but i can’t help thinking what does it matter. In this day and age who really cares if you have an MBE,OBE or a knighthood. In most case people don’t even use the letters after their name after receiving them. Much like many people don’t use the letters they can after gaining a degree.

It doesnt mean that you get any specail treatment or have a better way of life afterwards. It purely means that you have a few letters you can add to your name.

Plus the honours arent really that honourable any more. There is a large amount of politics involved in who gets an honour, what type and when. So it really isnt the queens honour list. Its more the Prime Minister of the days honour list.

It seems to me that the mean reason for receiving an honour is to say “look at me, arent i great”. In a lot of case no you’re not great. You just happened to work in the media or music and therefore people know about you.

Plus they give out so many of them each year that it wont be long till i get one. Not that i wold have done anything to deserve it.

I know a guider who received a OBE for her work with the guides. She has devoted a large amount of her time and energy to helping young girls and she deserves recognition for it. But is a OBE the best way to go about it. Most people don’t really care them, and unless you’re in the media spot light no one knows you’re getting one.


Labour Party

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I grew up in a Labour household and became a member on my 15th birthday.

In the nearly ten years since i have seen the party i grew up in change beyond recognition. When i was eight i have the pleasure of meeting John Smith, and as only a child can be was suitably unimpressed with meeting this important man. Sadly he died a few weeks after i met him so i don’t really remember what he was like as a working leader of the party/ politician. All i have is stories about how great he was and how he was renewing the party so we where electable and important in the world as it was.

Then came a long Tony Blair. A bit like Marmite you either love him or hate him. Having been brought up to believe in old labour, where the party fights for the rights of the working class and to make things better for everyone not just those who can afford  it, i wasnt too keen on mr Blair.

Sure he was a great actor in the world stage and a master in the art of the sound bite. The camara loved him. Much like JFK he burst on to the scene a young good-looking man with the energy to really get things done. Although at the time anything was better than having to look and listen to John Major. The only man who is just as uninteresting after it is reviled he had an affair with one of his ministers as he was before it  was common knowlage.

But, he totally changed the party and not for the better. Suddenly it wasnt enough to want to improve life for everyone and having a background in working for people. The higher tiers of the party where suddenly filled with people who had a degree in politics but no real life experience. No experience of just what it is like to be living on the b read line not knowing where your next pay check is going to be coming from.

The people who hold official positions in the party dont know anything about life. They have got those positions as soon as they left uni and quite often they will tell you that it is a stop-gap until they get a safe seat. How on earth are we meant to trust that  people care about the party and the values that started it? We cant. Gone are the days when your local labour party would be standing side by side with strikers. Helping organise tea and food runs so the strikers can stay as long as is needed.

Ed Milliband is coming down on the side of the Tories by refusing to back strikers. Refusing to back the people who pay to keep his party running, through their party membership fees or through the political fund of their union. There was a time when the party was closely related to trade unions and often worked with them to improve the rights of working people. But, now a days we seem to be in a position where the party is working for a select few, ie the uni graduates who want to play politics, rather than the very people the party was set up to help.

Granted Gordon Brown wasnt the leader he was built up to be while waiting for Blair to step down. But compared to Milli he was magnificent. At least with brown we know what his thoughts where and which direction he wanted to take the party in, even if we didn’t agree with it. Where as with Milli we’re left in a position where we don’t know which direction the party is meant to be moving in. Which has left it wide open for people who are just out to get what they can for themselves to abuse their positions within the party.

For example Rochdale labour party has been tearing its self apart for many years and it shows no sign of stopping any time soon. How can they expect people to vote for them and trust them to do whats right when they are having rows through the local press. And where is the national or even regional party in all this. No where to be seen, It’s a bit hard for them to intervene and tell Rochdale clp to behave when they don’t even know what is expected of them.

As a party we have gone from being electable and trusted, to very unelectable and untrusted. Which when you consider just how hated the con dems are at the moment is something of an achievement. But as long as the party can’t play nicely with its own we will carry on being unelectable and untrust worthy.

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