There is a big arguement going on in the media at the moment about legalising advertising for abortion clinics. Everyone is clambering to get their opinion broadcast. I bet tomorrows Big Questions on bbc1 will be putting a question to their panel of non/religious people. So i thought i would get in on the act.

Unless your planning on having a child finding yourself pregnant is a huge shock. (I know it was for me and my ex and i where using condoms and the pill at the time. ) Everyone has a different reaction to finding out and the things they do in the following days.

For my self i never considered having an abortion. I was with a loving partner I had been with for a year, we were both working and it just never even entered the conversation. We now have the most beautiful three year old boy running around causing havoc.

The first person to mention abortion to me was the doctor when i went to get the conformation. Even though i told her i  wasn’t intrested in getting an abortion she still sent me away with an abortion leaflet among the many she gave me about pregnacny.

Talking to others who have had children they went through the same thing. One was told that it doctors had to hand them out so they could say that they could say that they had given all the options to people.

Now abortion wasnt for me and I dont think that in most cases abortion is needed. One of my friends had a mate who seemed use abortion as a form of birth control. She had had three by the time she was 20 and wasn’t at all worried about the possible concenquencs of having an abortion.

By having an abortion you are putting yourself in a postion of having damage done to your womb that leaves you infertile. Even if you go to a fully qualified clinic.

I wouldnt say that i belong to either the pro -life or pro- choice camp of thought. I think in some cases its the right thing to do for both mother and child. If the mothers life is at risk from continuing the pregnancy then she has every right to end the pregnancy. At least that way she is able to go on and have others in hopefully safer circumstances. In some case i would go as far as to say it is what she has to do if there are other children involved. Children can cope a lot better with the lose of an unborn baby if they knew there was one on the way, a hell of a lot better then if they losr their mother.

Or if the child will be born with an illness that means they wont last survive long after birth or have no standard of living. By that i dont mean downs or some of the other things like that which people will abort rather then live with.

In rape cases the woman should always have the right to access the morning after pill and an abortion if that doesnt work. I dont think they should be pressured into keeping the child by medics who wont give them pill because of religious reasons.

If you have a religious objection to doing something your job may require you to do then what the hell are you doing in that job?

But on the other hand i dont think you should just have an abortion because it seems to be the easy option, or now isnt really a good time for a baby, or it was jsut a one night fling. If your having sex, even with the use of protection then you run the risk of being pregnant. If your not willing to deal with a possible pregnancy then you shouldnt be having any type of sex.

Any way getting back on point. In this day and age of being able to find information at the click of button i dont think that its that big a deal to allow advertising for clinics. If doctors have to hand out information on abortion to cover the bases then wheres the harm in clinics letting it be known how to contact them and to give a ruff idea of the cost involved.

Its not that long ago that abortions where illegal, and women where dying after getting one from a back street clinic. Where the tools where often dirty and the rooms the abortions where performed in where often covered in blood. They often didnt have any medical training and preyed on women for every penny they could get.

Not all of them where like this and where in fact doctors, risking their careers to offer women a service they needed, or just had to have. Even then the women rarely got any form of after care and if there where problems they where often scared to seek other medical help incase they where arressted for having an abortion.

Thank god these days people who are going ahead with one can have it in a clean, safe place, where the risk is as minimal as it can be. And, women are able to get any after care they need without the fear of legal problems or being looked down on by the medical proffesionals.

There are already posters up every where advertising abortions. In the center i have to go to, to see my son there is a huge poster for nhs abortions. Giving you a number to call for an appointment to organise an abortion. the sign appears to say that if you are here and pregnant then you have to have an abortion.

However i have seen other posters that seem to be more about giving information then telling you what to do. Ones which let you know the process involved in getting an abortion and the side effects you can expect to have. That kind of posters are the kind of thing i wish we had more often for many, many different types of things.

As long as the advents they show arent like that poster then i have absolutly no problem with them. If they are like the poster then i will be the first to sign up to get the adverts taken off the tele and radio again. Merely giving the information out shouldnt be banned. We are bombarded by information every time we turn on the tv or radio, open a newspaper or go online. No one agrees with everything they see or hear and this issue isnt any different. Just do for this type of ad what you wold do for any other ad you dont like, ignore it. In the end thats all we can do with any form of advertising, ignore it and it wont do you any harm.

I’ll leave you with one question. How many people watch adverts these days thanks to things like sky+, etc?