This may not srprise you since i’m a girl but i still know where my oldest teddy is and am quite often to be found giving it a good cuddle.
Theres something about that teddy that always makes me feel better when i hug him. He cant talk back or let me down. is healthier then chocolate and drink. But nmost of all he’s always there when i need him. Well as there as a foot tall monkey teddy can be with matted fur.
I know i’m not the only one when it comes to their teddy. My little bro whos twenty later this year has a mouse teddy that he’s had since he was about one. He always knows where it is and even now it is sat in his uni room watching over his bed. All his mates have seen the teddy he calls “mousey” and he isnt ashamed of them knowing he has his teddy there. The girls seem to think its cute and yet he is still a virgin.
At the moment it is soo soon to say if my son will have a fav childhood when he grows up. he’s only three and at the moment his favorite changes as often as his socks!
I know that there ar otheres out there who also have that one teddy from when they where young that they know where it is. Even if that place is still at their perants. But most of them have the teddy with them where ever tey move to, like me. When my son was a baby and i needed to go get his bottle ready i would wrap him in the arms of my monkey and it would help keep him settled while i got together what ever was needed at the time.
Unless theres a fire or something equaly as bad I dont see me ever not having my monkey and knowing excatly where he is.