I was a lateish comer to the Harry Potter book series. Most of my mates had read the fiorst two books and where eagerly awaiting the third. The press was all abuzz with the release of the third and the movies where yet to be made. And, me in my infinate wisdom of a 13 year old declared that i would never read it. Why would i want to read about a wizard boarding school when i was looking down the barrel of adulthood by chosing subjects for my gcse’s. My bday is only two weeks before the age to be the oldest in the year below.

All that changeed when our local asda had a two for one deal on the books. My Parents knowing how much i love reading and being their wonderful selfs bought the first two for me. I wasnt that impressed at the time. But, not having anything else i hadn’t read waiting to be read i picked them up and read both in just over 12 hours. I fell in love with them and demanded having the third bought for me as soon as it came out.

My mother and father read the books and coming from a time of grammer schools and 11 plus’ there was quite a lot in it that they where able to associate with. Being them my siblings chose to wait till the books were turned into films. Not long later their wish was realised.

The films burst onto the screen and there was a race to see if  Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings would win the box office battle. In my house we loved them both. My sister loved the Lord of the Rings films so much she watched the extended versions to the point where she could recite the entire movies and most of the bonus material.

Whilest my family where enjoying watching the movies my friends and i where busy talking about how they got bits worng. Like leaving out screens we all agreed should have been left in or how they took dialog from one scene in the book and put it another. Anything really to not have to talk about school work or actually do the work!

I really dont think that you could ever compare the books and the films. They are both good for very different reasons.

With books you can dip in and out of them, use them to pass hte time waiting for a meeting or on the train. Its purely up to your imagination exactly what the world and its people look like. You’ll never meet someone who has exactly the same image in their minds as you do.  No matter how much detail the author gives.

Thus was the case with Harry Potter. It was only with the release of the movie that everyone got firm ideas about what so and so looked like and how things worked. It lead to a lot of arguements (not just in the school yard!), about who they cast right and wrong. Weather they got the different setting right, or even if they had managed to convay the right things onto screen.

The films have got people into reading who didnt have much intreast in readying. My sister who i mentioned before only started reading because she had seen the films. She still prefers the films to the books but was waiting with me for the bookshop in town to open at midnight for the last three books.

We have heard of others who also only started reading after seeing the movies and didnt want to feel like they were missing out on something.

With the complation of the books being turned into films an era has come to an end. Sad but true. Hopefully watching the movies will encourge other kids to read. Unlike a lot of book to film adaptions i believe that you really can enjoy both versions with out having either ruin the other.