Lately i have notcied that i have started thinking of myself as too old to do something. For example messing about on a playground. Not that long ago i wouldnt have thought twice about going on the toys in a playground no matter who was around. But, now i find myself thinking “i cant do that, what will people think.”

Being grown up isnt as fun or as freeing as I and my friends thought it would be as we grew. Adults always seemed to have the best deal in life. they had someone ther always to have fun with and complain about their kids with. Adults could stay out as latre as they wanted and do whatever they wanted to do. We couldnt wait to be grown up.

But, being a grown up i find myself wishing i could go back to childhood. Having the freedom that comes with it. Not having to pay bills, always having someone there to give you a hug when your hurt and upset. Having everyday as a play day, even when it wqas a school day. Never being told your too old to do something. To be allowed to have whatever dreams and hopes you want anhaving help to make them happen.

Now as an adult all that has gone. i’m too old to get a hrt or upset and expect someone to be there to hug me better and tell me it will all be ok. I have to deal with grown up thoughts and feelings and they dont come with a handy guide to make your life easier!

God knows we could do with something like that.

I really started thinking about being too old to do something after reading abot a woman who was banned from entering clubs as she was “too old for wearing her skimpy outfit”. Now i have never been one for weazring skimpy outfits. i habe never thought i had the body shape to wear them and hell i like keeping something for the bedroom only. But if you have the body and the confidence to wear something like that, then good on you. the world would be an extremly boring place if we all dressed the same.

Its the other way round as child. Should parents really be letting their childrern dress as adults ans get used to wearing skimpy outfits? again that is a personal choice. I for one think children should be children for as long as possible. These days they tend to grow up so fast that they barely have a childhood any more.

I can remeber thinking when i was about ten that i was too old for vests, but just the right age for a bra. Little did i know that within four years my chest would get so big that i couldnt wear some types of tops without flashing or being uncomftable. My mother bought me a bra that was really just a small vest and i thought i was the bess knees. didnt take long for me to get bored of wearing it and move on to something else.

When you hit your teen years as a girl your regulary told your too old to play with dolls or have teddys on your beds. where as boys arent really told to put away their childhood things.

You really hear men saying that they are too old for this that and the other. Where as its one of the most comon things to hear coming from a woman.

Woman seem to hit old age before their 30s where as men are sometimes considered young well into their 50s. A lot of thast has to do with society and the way the media protrays the different sexs. In anti aging adverts he women they use are more often then not my age, mid twenties. Through adverts like that we get the impression that your old at that age and need to spend vast amounts of money on various over priced creams.

I’m one of the lcky fedw who has always looked younger then i am, part of tht is down to the fact i’m only five foot two, the other part is that i still suffer from acne and greasy skin. When i get asked for ID i feel like singing. Heres proof that i’m not too old. People think i’m younger then i am and want proof i am old enough.

But that doesnt stop me from thinking i’m too old for things. At twenty four i’m too old to go and play on slides and climb over various things along the sea front. I’m too old to go and see some movies in the cinema on my own. And i’m way too old to think i can change the world by hoping and dreaming for something different and wishing someone would come along and make it all better.

God knows my parents still give the best hugs and they are still the people i turn to first when i need a hug or reminding that i am not the most horrible ugly evil person in the world. But they can no longer make it all better with a kiss and a quite word. Or g and talk to teacher about the bullies at school, make them back away.

As an adult your expected to deal with it on your own. but your considered too old and responsable to settle things the way you do in the play ground. Throw a few punches, then get on with having fun.