I grew up in a Labour household and became a member on my 15th birthday.

In the nearly ten years since i have seen the party i grew up in change beyond recognition. When i was eight i have the pleasure of meeting John Smith, and as only a child can be was suitably unimpressed with meeting this important man. Sadly he died a few weeks after i met him so i don’t really remember what he was like as a working leader of the party/ politician. All i have is stories about how great he was and how he was renewing the party so we where electable and important in the world as it was.

Then came a long Tony Blair. A bit like Marmite you either love him or hate him. Having been brought up to believe in old labour, where the party fights for the rights of the working class and to make things better for everyone not just those who can afford  it, i wasnt too keen on mr Blair.

Sure he was a great actor in the world stage and a master in the art of the sound bite. The camara loved him. Much like JFK he burst on to the scene a young good-looking man with the energy to really get things done. Although at the time anything was better than having to look and listen to John Major. The only man who is just as uninteresting after it is reviled he had an affair with one of his ministers as he was before it  was common knowlage.

But, he totally changed the party and not for the better. Suddenly it wasnt enough to want to improve life for everyone and having a background in working for people. The higher tiers of the party where suddenly filled with people who had a degree in politics but no real life experience. No experience of just what it is like to be living on the b read line not knowing where your next pay check is going to be coming from.

The people who hold official positions in the party dont know anything about life. They have got those positions as soon as they left uni and quite often they will tell you that it is a stop-gap until they get a safe seat. How on earth are we meant to trust that  people care about the party and the values that started it? We cant. Gone are the days when your local labour party would be standing side by side with strikers. Helping organise tea and food runs so the strikers can stay as long as is needed.

Ed Milliband is coming down on the side of the Tories by refusing to back strikers. Refusing to back the people who pay to keep his party running, through their party membership fees or through the political fund of their union. There was a time when the party was closely related to trade unions and often worked with them to improve the rights of working people. But, now a days we seem to be in a position where the party is working for a select few, ie the uni graduates who want to play politics, rather than the very people the party was set up to help.

Granted Gordon Brown wasnt the leader he was built up to be while waiting for Blair to step down. But compared to Milli he was magnificent. At least with brown we know what his thoughts where and which direction he wanted to take the party in, even if we didn’t agree with it. Where as with Milli we’re left in a position where we don’t know which direction the party is meant to be moving in. Which has left it wide open for people who are just out to get what they can for themselves to abuse their positions within the party.

For example Rochdale labour party has been tearing its self apart for many years and it shows no sign of stopping any time soon. How can they expect people to vote for them and trust them to do whats right when they are having rows through the local press. And where is the national or even regional party in all this. No where to be seen, It’s a bit hard for them to intervene and tell Rochdale clp to behave when they don’t even know what is expected of them.

As a party we have gone from being electable and trusted, to very unelectable and untrusted. Which when you consider just how hated the con dems are at the moment is something of an achievement. But as long as the party can’t play nicely with its own we will carry on being unelectable and untrust worthy.