The bbc have recently released a list of people who refused to accept an honour from the Queen.

I should say here that i was brought up in a family who dont really like the monarchy. We only like then when they have a wedding and we get the day off work without losing any money.

Anyway i know that it is supposed to be a great thing to receive an invite to get an honour from the Queen, but i can’t help thinking what does it matter. In this day and age who really cares if you have an MBE,OBE or a knighthood. In most case people don’t even use the letters after their name after receiving them. Much like many people don’t use the letters they can after gaining a degree.

It doesnt mean that you get any specail treatment or have a better way of life afterwards. It purely means that you have a few letters you can add to your name.

Plus the honours arent really that honourable any more. There is a large amount of politics involved in who gets an honour, what type and when. So it really isnt the queens honour list. Its more the Prime Minister of the days honour list.

It seems to me that the mean reason for receiving an honour is to say “look at me, arent i great”. In a lot of case no you’re not great. You just happened to work in the media or music and therefore people know about you.

Plus they give out so many of them each year that it wont be long till i get one. Not that i wold have done anything to deserve it.

I know a guider who received a OBE for her work with the guides. She has devoted a large amount of her time and energy to helping young girls and she deserves recognition for it. But is a OBE the best way to go about it. Most people don’t really care them, and unless you’re in the media spot light no one knows you’re getting one.