My little brother feels that in an earlier post about the Labour Party i strayed from the facts.

He says that during the lastest round of strikes he knew people from the labout party who baked cakes to give to strikers and joined them on many a picket line. From what he was telling me a lot of these people where yonger members who took the day off uni. Nowt wrong with taking the day off uni to join in a strike.

He believes that i have got a large amont of facts wrong due to only dealing with a small number of people from parts of the party. And that my own experinces with a handfl of people from Rochdale clp colours my view point. On that he may just be right. I wont go into detail as its in the past and i’ve moved on.

So dearest brother here is your chance to blog on my site about where i went wrong in my estimation of the party and what you think the party is doing right.