May not be in the premier Lgeaue any more, but as far as I am concerned they are the best football club ever.

My little brother took me to my first match when i was eighteen, we sat in the newly built stand and in Ablock, the band behind us and the goal in front. We won the match two one and i will never forget the feeling of watchingmy home team play well and seeing all three goals scored just yards from where i was supposed to be seated. Dont know if you know this but you dont really spend that much time sitting at a match, even more so when your surrounded by you 13 year old bro and his mates.

In the nearly seven years since i have only managed to attend one other match and that was last year, a friendly with Rangers. Needless to say Rangers won by a mile, but it has left me with quite possibly my happiest memory from the past year or so. Sat there with my father, brother and ex (who supports both teams), all enjoying a very good game of football. Trying hard to ignore the fact that half the Blackpool team at the time had come in one way or another from Rangers.

My son who is only just getting to grips with the fact Manchester United are very bad, loves wearing his Blackpool top. to the point where if it needs to be washed you have to hid it or wash it whilst he’s sleeping to stop him wearing it again.

So last night since he is starting to grow out of his Shirt i looked online to get him a new one. For the size that he needs i could get a full kit for only a fiver more then just the shirt. No contest there. The whole kit it is.

But then i got thinking, wouldnt it be nice to have something on the back. You know so he can pretend to be a proper grown up footballer. Well that brings up a whole new range of choices to make. Do you get his name and age on the back, and run the risk of letting every one know his name? Silly i know but you hear stories. Do you get a players name and number?

After a long chat with my bro we came to the conclusion a players name and number would be the best choice.

Again this is a minefield of choices. You dont really want to get someone who’s just joined the team as they may turn out to be a bit rubbish. Just look at Torres for an example.

So that leaves you with a fair number of players to pick from. After weighing up the merits of each player we came down to three choices.

Crainey (3), Southern (4) or Eardley (5), five mins of debate later we go with Crainey as his number is the same as my’  sons age, and he’s scottish just like my sons father.

Just need to wait for it to be delievered now. Cant wait to see his little face when he gets it and get lots of pics of him in it. Hopefuly i’ll be able to take him to his first Blackpool home game before he turns eighteen so he can experince the trill of watching his team play live and join in the chanting. On secound thoughts with some of the langue used in the chanting he may need to be a teenager before i take him.