What is it with money?

You find your going to get some unexpectedly, and think i’ll put some aside for a rainy day/get something really really fantastic for my son.

Then after getting it you pay off a bit of debt, half of it has gone, and you still have debt laughing at you. You spend some getting a presant for your son you know he’ll love and will prob wear out before he grows out of it. And get a couple of things for yourself that were in the sale.Ie finally tracking down some nickel free hoop earrings that arent big enough to put your fist through.

After all that you find you have spent nearly all of your money and have very little to put aside after you have given you ex some money to spend on the kid in a couple of days time.

I know where all my has gone, hell my dad knows as he was there whilst i sorted out paying off the debt, he holds some of my debt, so its in his intreast to keep track. But i’ve got to the end of the day and i’m sat here thinking, shit! That didnt last long.

Its just the same when you get paid. You carefully plan out what you need to pay for that month and by the end of the day your moneys dissappeared and your sure theres something you havent paid. You only find out what that something is half way through the month when you phone gets cut off, or you get a reminder to pay an energy bill you could have sworn was a direct debit.

Surely a noise should be made every time you go to spend money just so you realize that money is going never to be seen again. Doesnt happen like that, and i’m fairly sure if it wasnt for the fact i dont like using the card to pay for things i would be sat here with even less money in the account.