I Recently read an article about the abolition of meat week.

I didn’t even know it was a real thing. Turns out is nearly over with the last day being the 29th of Jan.

So what is the aim of this week?

The aim is that everyone in the world stops eating meat for a week, and consider’s the practices used whilst the animal grows and then to kill it.

I am a meat eater, I love meat. The smell of bacon on a cold morning just warms something in the heart.

But I also like knowing where the meat has come from and that the animals are treated properly, not just locked in tiny cages in their own filth.

It’s why i like going to my local farmers market. Having grown up in a rural(ish) area i went to school with farmer kids and spent time playing with them in their families fields.

So i know that the eggs i buy haven’t come from a battery farm, and god knows that they taste all the better for it.

I know that the animals as they are reared have the run of large fields and the best quality feed. When it is slaughter time they go a local farmer run slaughter house which exceeds all good working practices.

The meat when it reaches the market stall has very little food miles, is fresher then anything you could by from a shop shelf, and it just tastes better.

Now that is just my way of looking at it. I am eating locally produced food and helping to sustain the local economy.

There are a lot of bad farmers and slaughter houses out there who will do anything to make a quick quid, including keeping the animals in condidtions of squalor, where they are kept amonst their dead comrades.

Now i understnad people not wanting to eat meat because of bad practice, instead chosing to be vegan or some form of vegetrian.

What do i mean y some form of vegetrian. Well i know people who would class themsleves as such but will still fish, or chicken and more often then not will still eat eggs and dairy products. That to me defeats the object of not eating animals or animal products.

Alot of things contain geletin which comes from animals and most veg’s are more then happy to eat those things. In my mind eating geletin is just as bad as eating the meat of the animal. Often worse as its the nasty bits of the animal that get tunred into geletin not the yummy meaty bit.

I would love for everyone to follow best practice when it comes to breeding animals and killing them for their meat. But while we live in an age where quite often the farmers struggle to get a fair price for their animals you will always have people keeping the animals in squalor and killing them in an unhumane way.