I dont believe that it should.

I have been reading today about actors refusing to “come out” as it would damage their career prospects. Stop them getting the big jucie roles, where man meets girl, they fall in love, something goes wrong, they fix it and live happily ever after.

It is a problem mainly in america, where lets be honest they can be a bit backwards when it comes to be being accepting of others. I know most people over there are just as accepting if not more so then anyone else, but that doesnt stop the small minded ones from making things difficult for others.

Now not being an actor myself or gay, i am only writing this from the point of view of some one who has gay friends and has listened to whats happened to them before, during and after they came out. In most cases no one cared and just got on with whatever they where doing. One friend came out and no batted an eye. For a while it was a very badly kept secret. He hasnt been held back from anything by being overtly gay. If anything opportunities have opened for him.

Anyway getting back on track. There are plenty of well known gay actors who get decent parts and from the outside it is hard to say that their career has suffered for it.

Take Neil Patrick Harris for instance. Plays the sexual predator with a heart in How I Met Your Mother. Just watching the way he acts the part of a “player” going after every woman in a bar it’s hard to believe that Harris swings the other way.

Or Russell Tovey. I have only ever seen him in one role as a gay man, most of the other rolls i have seen him in he plays lead charaters who have a very sexual relationship with woman. Inculding on comdey Him and Her where he regulary has his hands down the top of the femail lead or is dry humping her.

Turns out i was the only one of my mates who didnt know he was gay when we were talking about gay actors on drunken night.

Rupert Everett is one actor who could possibly say that his career has been effected by coming out. His best know roles are playing gay man or dressing up in drag. Not something many men are comfortable enough to do whatever their sexual preference.

But in the case of Rupert i believe that part of his problem is that he isnt as good an actor as he think he is. Dont get me wrong i love him and enjoy watching his stuff, but he’s a bit like Hugh Grant. more sutiable to a certian genra then any of the others.

On the same token you have straight men playing gay men and in some cases they are great at it. In other cases it is very clear that the actor isnt comforable with kissing another man.

I dont think women have the same problem. Most women are able to just get on with the job, wether thats kissing a man or woman for a role. I myself have kissed some of my femail mates and it hasnt meant anything. Most of the time we do it to get rid of someone whos bugging the friend. I’m the fat not so good looking one in my group of mates so i normaly get through the night without having anyone being over friendly.

Also i think with women men seem to think that its more of a challange to get with them and will earn them kudos with their mates.

Women are often better actors anyway in my opinion. Every day is an act just for the woman to get through it with out killing someone, or letting the hurt caused by others show. It really is a mans world out there and gay men are quite often the only men who can understand how hard it is to get anywhere as a woman as they are in the same boat.