Supernatural part 2

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So in part one we looked at ghosts, demon dogs and a bit on fair folk.

I’ll start part two by looking at vampires. There have been stories of a vampires in one form or another for centuries, and just like ghosts vampires exist all over the world. No matter where you go vampires always drain you of something important. Mostly your blood, but often your happiness and love.

We all know someone who we dread seeing, because we always feel worse leaving them then we did before hand. They drain our happiness and energy, hang around long after they should have left. Well they could be whats called a psychic vampire. I’m not saying they do exist but, we all know someone who would fit in that category, we might even be someone elses psychic vampire.

The vampires we normally think of are the blood sucking kind who’ll kill us quickly with a bit to the neck. Going back through history vampires are originally thought to be people who suffered from various illness that left them looking pale with larger teeth and craving iron, which in the past meant eating bloody meat. They didn’t have handy little pills they could take once a day to top up their iron levels.

All that changed when Bram Stoker wrote Dracula. Suddenly vampires became in from the cold. They became courtly and suave. Lore people into their lair so they could drain them and turn them into vampires too. In a way it started the whole glorifying of death and allowing people to think that there could be a way to live on after death and look just the same if not better than we did in life.

Because of the amount of folklore about vampires there are numerous cases of bodies being dug up and having a stake pushed through their heart and a brick/large stone forced into their mouths so even if they did still raise from the from grave, they couldn’t drink anyones blood.

Theres as many different ways of dealing with vampires as there are stories about what they can do and how you can find them.

In african countries there are stories of witch doctors raising people from the dead to do they’re bidding. Theres varying stories about what these people can and can’t do. These are called zombies. In some stories they are nothing more than empty shells that will do what their master tells them. In others the are very similar to what they where in life and mostly don’t have to do anything their raiser tells them to do. They can carry on “living their lives” as they did before they died.

Some people leave instructions to be raised after they die, others are petrified about it and want their families to what ever it takes to leave them dead. Up to and including getting someone to watch over their grave.

Both vampire and zombies are the go to guys when people want to make a horror film. This is because what happens to us after death is something that pray’s on our minds whither we’ll admit it does or not. There is enough that is unknown about what happens to us after death without adding in the possibility of coming back as something else.

They are a hell of a more scary than ghosts could ever be. They can physically hurt us, whereas ghosts just make noises and appear in various scary ways to make us go away.

Another go to guy for the horror movies is the shape shifter. Whither its the kind that can shift into exact copies of ourselves or people we know.Whats worse then spending time with someone telling them your secrets and doing the things you normally do with that person. Only to find that they are something else and not who you thought they were.

We all think we know someone and would know if there was something different or off about them. But shape shifters belay that assumption and prove we may not know someone as well as we thought we did. Even if its someone we have lived with and loved for years if not grown up with as children.

Or the kind that can turn into animals. I’ll go into that kind in the next part as it’s a huge area to talk about and i think possibly deserves its own post to do it justice.

Again your thoughts would be appreciated.



Supernatural part 1

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I love not just the show but the genre of the supernatural as a whole. Ghosts and things that go bump in the night have interested me for years.

Part of it is the very human need to know that this life isn’t it. That there is something else for us to move onto. I’ve always thought that a loving God would allow loved ones to come back in spirit form to visit us. whither we see them or not.

I grew up listening to stories of how when I was younger I would be at my Grandmothers and sit talking to my Grandpa who died when I was one.

How as a four-year old I was swinging on the furniture laughing and when asked what I was laughing at I said Grandpa and the two doggies. My grandmother asked if I could see Grandpa anywhere else and I pointed to the pics of him. Unlike in the pictures my Grandfather was stoop up, which in his last few years he couldn’t do for very long.

Or how as a two and five-year old I would sit in my bed and tell him about my new baby brother and sister. Well in the case of my sister babbled at him in the way two-year olds do.

So its fair to say that I have always believed in ghosts. And a small part of me doesn’t get why the church says ghosts are evil and don’t exist when one part of the holy trinity is the holy spirit, which takes different forms throughout the bible. So if one spirit can be good and bring peace to people then why can’t others?

Why is it wrong for a young girl to see the spirit/ghost of their dead Grandpa and be happy and comforted by it? Which is what I was told when I talked about it in a sunday school lesson on the holy spirit and how it brings happiness to us all. Which is part of the reason why I left the church.

Do I still see him now? I couldn’t swear to it. Would I like to be able to see him again? God yeah. Even in death he brought happiness to a young girl who needed it.

So I’ve gone along to Spiritualist churches, including the one where my Grandpa’s funurel was held. And been spoken too once or twice. Where I was given a message from a high-ranking military man. Now I don’t know anything about such person, and have been told by my Grandmother and Mother that this person has been talked about in connection to our family before. But, they don’t know who he was.

So if we’re working on the basis that ghosts/spirits exist, then other supernatural entities must have a fair chance of existing as well. Like demon dogs, huge black bogs with red eyes. That depending on where you come from are either the form of your death, the harbinger of your death, or something sent to terrorize god fearing folk.

Stories of fair folk, who either help look after children, steal them from their families or swap them for one of their own when the children are babies.

To that end babies were put in their cribs with various lucky charms led around them. Most made of iron, since iron burns the flesh of the fair folk.

Or how if you ventured into a fairy den they would kidnap you, one of them would take on your from, and as long as you where alive they would live your life in the outside world. The only way to get our loved one back was to kill the copy and hope that the fairies released them instead of killing them.

Many people, largely women and children died because their loved ones believed that they a changeling sent by the fair folk. Their deaths where long and torturous. Often involving fire or hot irons being applied to the skin, to a) get them to admit to being fair folk, and b) kill them to get their loved one back. The torture often went on for hours if not days, and was something that the village men would participate in if the threat was considered great enough.

Theres so much more to talk about, but I think this part has got big enough. So I’ll sign off now and write another part later.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



Untill recently I like most people hadn’t heard of this form of sexuality.

One of my friends told me about it when we were discussing a mutual friend of ours who never talked about being interested in having a relationship with anyone. He knew people at university who were asexual and very happy to be so.

They felt that they had happier more fulfilled lives because they didn’t have the worry of finding and keeping a sexual partner. Of making sure that they are always in a position to find the one.

Recently I read an article about asexuality and the effects it had on people. Not just the person who is asexual but their friends and families.

At the moment it seems that the main reaction to being told that someone you know is asexual is one of disbelief. One of you’ll grow out of it eventually.

Just like when people come out as gay. There are a few who have good experiences of coming out. But there are still a lot out there who have a bad experience of coming out to someone they care about.

From reading the article it looks like a lot of these people get asked the same questions that gay people did and still do.

“Were you abused as a child? Are you just acting out? Exploring your options? Trying to hurt your family? What about kids? Grandkids? Do you like being lonely? Its it because of your upbringing? Where you told to deny sex? that sex it bad? Evil?

These are uncalled for and insulting questions to ask anyone. Never mind someone who has taken the brave step of telling you they are different. That they feel things differently and want different things out of life.

Even though they don’t want sex, they still feel the very human need of wanting someone to share a life with. Someone they can rely on and feel close to.

It is possible to be close to someone and have a loving relationship with out sex. We all do it every day with our best friends. We love our best friends and know that they will be there for us no matter what. Which is what we have with our lovers, only in most cases sex is thrown in aswell. Which for people who enjoy sex is a really great bonus.

Being asexual is just another way of living that doesn’t harm anyone else. People who are asexual are just as loving as those who aren’t, and is just as valid a way of living as being heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or a mixture of them all.

Goalline Technology

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There is going to be a big meeting this coming week, about the use of goal line tech. This is something many fans and managers want to be brought in.

As a fan of the game who more often than not only ever watches the game on tv, I have the luxury of being able to see playback for any action. Which the referee and officials don’t. They have to rely on what they have seen in a spilt second to make their decision. A decision that has the potential to change the outcome of the match.

The reason we have referees and officials is so the match is kept fair and any disputes can be sorted out in a fast and efficient way. Which given just how big football players egos are these days needs to be done. Hey the players think the laws outside of the football ground don’t apply to them so why should the laws inside the pitch apply to them.

They have the love of thousands for what they can do with a football on the pitch, but they can lose that love by being arrogant bigots off it.

So to this end goal line tech and any other way of keeping track of the action is a must. People often throw insults and make the refs life hell because of a call they have made. Often without all the facts, whither that be by not looking in the right direction at the time of the incident, or by getting conflicting views from the officials.

By using video tech it will be even harder to make the wrong calls. People won’t be able to make refs lives hell because they feel that the decision went the wrong way, ie not in their teams favour.

We will know for a fact that the ref is seeing what we are seeing. With the use of the tech players won’t be able to get away with illegal actions when the refs back is turned.

Some dirty players, not mentioning any names but we all know who they are, will wait for a refs back to be turned before injuring another player. Knowing full will that they have a chance to get away with it. And often they do. Speshally if they make sure that they do it when the ball is at the oppisite end of the prich to them.

Ok that may be giving them a little bit too much credit in the brain department. But they must have some to be able to get to the top of their game and stay there no matter what they may do.

Hopefully this tech will be intordued and clean up the game. Making it a much more pleasent game to watch and be involved in.

Gender Identity Disorder

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I was reading the Daily Mail, (I know, its full of crap and you can’t trust it. But, it gives me a laugh at its twisted views and majorly bad spelling and grammar. And that’s coming from a dyslexic who forgets to use the checkers for such things!), And came across a very badly written article about this disorder.

I’m going to say from the outset that as far as I’m aware I don’t know anyone who suffers from this condition, and as such will be writing this blog from the perspective of someone trying to understand it, and wondering what my reaction would be if my three-year old son developed it.

The basis of this disorder is that someone feels they were born with the wrong body, often from a young age.

A lot of people don’t use the above term, they say they are some sort of Trans. There are many different types of trans out there, such as the most common, transsexual. But there are people who were born into the wrong body and don’t want to go through surgery to change it. They are often refered to as transgendered people. People who have come to the conclusion that they are a different sex to the one they were born, neither of the sex, or a completely different sex with attributes from both. Sometimes for religious reasons, sometimes just because they feel that the result isn’t close enough to what they want for them to go through the pain and expense.

Which are all vailed points given that it is major surgery that is often unreversible and has sometime unpredictible results.

Now in this day and age there are tons and tons of toys that are aimed solely at one of the sexs. For example dolls and push chairs. It is considered normal for a little girl to want to play with them and boys to not be intreasted in playing with them. And, if boys are intreasted or do play with them then they are considered to have something wrong with them

I can say from my own personal experince that there is nothing wrong with boys who do that. I have a yonger sister and brother, and for a lot of my brothers life there where more girls toys for him to play with then boys. And he was quite happy to sit and play with the girls toys, copying what his elder sisters did with them.

My son was in foster care for a while and when a new baby arrived at the foster house he developed a love of playing with dolls. They reminded him of the baby who he was only allowed to touch under certain circumstances. When it was time to feed the baby or change him, my son would get a doll and pretend to feed it and change it. Taking his led from the foster mother.

Thats just normal copying behavour in a toddler. I’m told i did the same thing when my mother had my sister, and by the time my brother was born i was old enough to help feed and change him. (and that has yet to change, still feed the uni student. Love you bro if your reading!)

There is a center in London called The Tavistock Unit. Where Gender Identy Disorder kids are sent for assement, help and treatment.

At this moment in time in Britian you have to be over 16 to take hormone drugs for gender reasons. But this unit is trailing drugs that will stop pubity on kids as young as 12. They say themselves that they dont know what the long term effects will be and that all the families involved are well aware of the risks that may be involved.

Now I’m not comfortable with this. I’m of the view that we dont really know what we’re going to be thinking and feeling in five weeks time never mind five years when we’re kids. I know I didnt think that far ahead. Hell half the time it was hard to think even a day ahead when growing up.

But, its also not for me to condem these people for doing what they think is best for their children. I know if my son wanted it as his mother who refused to give up parental responsiblty i would have a say in if it happened or not. And i honesty don’t know what i would say.

It depends on how old he was and how long he’d had those feelings i guess.

There is a wonderful blog on here called raising my rainbow. in which a woman desribes life with what she terms a gender creative child. A son who likes girly things and is keen on making his own way in the world. She is an insperation to everyone who reads her blogg, and i hope that if my son ever becomes gender creative that i will be able to deal with it as well as she does. I know some members of his family wouldn’t be able to deal with it at all. Mainly the male side of his family. The female side prob wouldnt care that much as we all have mates who are guy are think nothing of spending a night in drag.

Theres also the story of the parents who didnt tell anyone including their child what sex they were until the child was 5. They claimed that it was so the child didnt feel compeled to act/ play in a certian way. I think it was slighty irresponsible of those parents to do that. And that they may have planted the roots for problems later in their sons life. As things stand he’s just a little boy living in nowhere’s vill America but by the time he’s in high school and he and his class mates are googling themselves he’s going to have a hard time of it.

I believe that we should let kids be who they want to be as long as they arent hurting themselves or others around them. And if they want to say their a girl/boy when their not well explain to them that they have boy/girl parts and must use those loos in public. Otherwise just let them get on with it. Most will grow out of it, and if they dont, jsut love them the best you can.


Banned from a Museum


There was a story in the press over the past couple of days about a couple of 13-year-old girls who were banned from going into a museum on their own.

They were told that they would need an adult to supervise their visit to the museum in the grounds of Salford University. One of the girls mothers worked at the uni and took the kids there for a day while she worked an afternoon shift.

She was told that the policy of the museum was that under 16’s had to be accompanied by an adult for health and safety reasons.

Now I’m not sure what those reasons could have been as museums are made with the safety of their visitors in mind. In the case of one place called Eureka the exhibits are made solely with kids up to the age of 11 in mind.

There are plenty of places where under 16’s need an adult with them to enter. Some shops, swimming pools, arcades, take aways, etc wont allow under 16’s unaccompanied for a variety of reasons. Most have these polices in place for security reasons.

Which is more than understandable when you consider the environments they have. Swimming pools have lifeguards on duty, buty they cant be expected to look after unaccompied kids, when their role is to make sure that everyone is safe.

In the case of shops, they are more likely to have gangs of kids entering to shop lift. I know from experince of working in a retail food shop that kids after school when they are with their mates will egg each other on. Big each other up to see who can steal the most.

Often its jsut handfulls of sweets and the odd drink. Some times its more expensive items. But, at the end of the day even the odd sweet and drink being stolen adds up and can meant eh difference between the store making a profit, breaking even, or even making a loss.

Salford museum is set in an area that in the past few months has seen people being killed by guns and beaten to within an inch of their life. It falls under the cover of Greater Manchester Police who deal with crime in a very large area, one that sees almost as much gun and drug crime as London.

There are a lot of gang problems within that area and they cause as many problems as they can, mostly out of boredom and a sense of one-upmanship. So in response to that the body in charge of art galleys and museums working with the police decided to impose the rule.

It has been inforced a couple of years now and there is very little problems with kids in those places now. Which makes the experience an all together better one.

But, however this rule is stopping kids who on a day out want to spend their time in an environment of learning, and beauty.They are in the minority and often suffer because of the actions of their less responsible peers. I know that as a teenager i would go to the local museum and art gallery on my own as a way to past the time and do something to improve myself.

These places or open to any body free of charge. Including all visitors from over seas. As far as I am aware that doesn’t happen anywhere else.

Growing up it was a joy to go to museums and art galleries. I have so many happy memories of going and spending a new finding out new things and seeing new pieces of art in the flesh as it where. Both my ex and I want our son to have those kinds of memories too, even though we can’t take him to them all together as a proper family.

I would hope that my son when he’s 13 would willing try to enter a museum on his own. And that he will be allowed to go into without his parents crimping his style. Already my son looks forward to going to museums when he’s told hi’s going to see one. The little man is three and has characteristics that appear on the autism spectrum, Although he’s lucky/unlucky to not need any special care. He’ll just be an excentric personality, who does things differently to others.

I know that a lot of the rules about kids and what they can and can’t do without an adult with them, have been brought in, in reaction to the things kids have done in the past. Things that a few thoughtless kids have done because they were bored, wanted something to do and didn’t have any respect for others.

For the most part there are still museums and gallery’s around the country that have yet to bring in this rule and still allow small groups of unaccompanied kids to experience what they have to offer. This example of over caution is in response to the activities of things that happened in the past and in the hope to stop it happening again.

I hope this example doesn’t put kids off going to visit their local museum or art gallery with or without their parents in toe.

Childhood photos.

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I got a call late tonight from my son, way after I expected him to be in bed.

He wanted to talk to me because he, his dad and the new gf of dad where baby videos of him. The new gf was sat there talking to ex whilst I talked to my little boy.

They both know that makes me feel awkward and that I hate it when she’s around. She’s my replacement in every way. My son calls her mummy and she has taken my place in my ex’s life. A place until she showed up I was promised I would get back.

Anyway, the not so little man, he’s not far off four-foot, wanted to talk to me and was trying to show me over the phone what he was seeing. Like a lot of kids he is very vain and loves seeing photos of himself. To the point where if i get given photos of him I have to hide them quick before he claims them as his. He even knows how to the camara on my phone better than I do and his fave subject, himself.

Now my son is only three and he loved seeing his family all together and seeing us do stuff together as a family. Thank god for digital , without it he wouldn’t have half the photos and videos to watch that he does.

It got me thinking about the photos I have from my childhood. When I was forced out of the house I shared with my ex by social services I moved back in with my father.

He and my mother had spilt up a few years before hand and as such the photos were divided. My dad not being the most organised of people left his share where they were put when the photos where spilt. My father is better with digital photos. That way he ca find them and mes with the levels in the photo. My dad will most likely die with a camara in his hands. He is forever finding things to take photos of and for a lot of important events he only sees them through the lens of a camara.

But, since my dad is like that we have a ton of photos in the house. Which means going through my own childhood photos before digital came into our lives takes a long time. He only got worse when he got his first digital camara in 01.

So after getting off the phone to my little man i took out our old photos and started going through them. Having been in this house they aren’t in any sort of order. Which just makes going through them all the more fun.

The photos of us kids go back to my birth 24 and a half years ago. So que tons of dodgy clothes and hair.

Theres something heart breaking about going through old photos. Seeing people full of life in them who are no longer with us. Photos full of people we can’t remember the names of, who when the photo was taken meant something. Even if it was just being a friend to a child.

Seeing children change from young and innocent to grown and knowledgeable. Losing that sense of fun and happiness all children instinctively have. The smiles become less sweet and endearing. They become more distant from their perants. Even if there touching in the photo there is still a form of distance there.

Siblings go from being all over each other, to being awkward with each other to if their lucky being comfortable with each other again. Even more so when your talking about brothers and sisters.

Childhood photos are something to be treasured forever. They capture a moment in your life that you’ll never get back. A moment you may have been too young at the time to remember.

With the advent of digital photography more and more of those moments are getting captured and saved. More for us to look back on and hold onto when the kids have flown the nest, or in some cases like mine forcefully taken away.

As the technolgy becomes cheaper to show the digital photos in frames and on keyrings, our homes will become even more full of photos of family and special moments. In some cases changing picture every few seconds so you’re never going to get used to seeing the same photo in the same place all the time.

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