Thank god this man is finally leaving the government benches.

This whole saga of him, his ex-wife and speeding points has been going on kong enough. I do think that he should resign as an MP as well as a minister though. It has been proven that he has a case to answer for and should not be getting a public pay packet when he will be costing us the tax payer money in crown court fees.

I know that he has been an mp long enough to get a pretty decent pension, but he is young enough and rich enough to not need to use it for legal expenses.

He has put Nick Clegg in even more of an impotant position then he was in before. Clegg has stood by him all through the media speculation and investigation. But, now that loyalty has been proven to be misplaced and come back to bite him on the arse.

I dont know how the Lib Dems can come back from this. In less then two years 40% of their cabinet minister have had to resign. Each time they where well known Lib dems who most people could pick out of a line up easier then Clegg and seemed to have their heads screwed on when it came to dealing with their remit.

The cabinet will be an easier place for the Tories without him since he was the main pain their butts. But, that isn’t any reason to really miss him. For all he has stood up against the Tories they have still managed to push through their evil agenda.

Cant say i have ever heard of Ed Davey before today. Will need to do some research into what he looks like and claims to stand for. As for the other changes in the Lib DEm side of the cabinet theres only one name Norman Lamb i reconise, and i dont think its for a good reason.