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At the same time as Huhne was being told he is being charged Terry was being told he is losing the England Captinship. Again.

He lost it the first time due to not being able to keep his trousers on, and in my opinion shouldnt have been given it back. People in his position are role models for thousands if not millions of young lads out there. And, by cheating on his family with his own sister in law to boot isnt something a role model should be doing. I know that he is entitled to have a private life and conduct himself as he wishes within that. But, something like an affair will always come out and bite you on the arse.  In his case quite badly.

But after 18 months he got the Captinship back and went about his buissness. Which in the case of England international at the moment seems to be losing. Badly.

He has lost the captins band as he made racist commments to a black footballer, who happens to be the brother of one of his England team mates. Raceism shouldnt be allowed in football. there are too many kids out there who aim to be just like their favourite footballer for the like s of Terry to get away with his comments.

My Dad having grown up in a time where it was considered perfectly normal for any one to use the words Terry used has expressed his surprise at how big a thing this has been made into. He understands that in this day and age comments like that are frown upon and theya rent ones that he would ever have said, even way back when. But, to him it was just normal every day thing.

terry would ahve grown up with his role models using langaugue like that and merely copied the. To the point where he feels is perfectly alright as a grown man in this day and age to use it himself.

But, that isnt an excuse. If it was we would still have slaves, women and the poor would still not have the vote, etc. Without trying to improve our world and that of our childrens we would still beliving with things that today make most of us feel sick to think about.

As he is being prosicuted for his comments i feel that he will be made an example of. One that will be taken one of two ways. As an over reaction to him saying something in a stressful situation. Or as the right thing to do to show people that his behavouir isnt indorsed and will be punished.

Personally i think that he should be treated just as the everyday man of the street would be treated. And, if his actions deserve a severe punishment then so be it.

As a last little note we already have the reason why we didnt win the Euro cup. Our team had Terrys case hanging over their heads and couldnt preform due to the stress of it.