After my promise to work on being ht person my ex and son deserved in their lives given teh current situation i failed at the first hurdle and went back to being the screamy shouted bitch. Which isnt fair on anyone.spesh not my son who it turns out heard me and his father rowwing over the phone.
Thankflly i snapped out of that in about half an hour and after another half an hour of begging for forgiveness from both ex and son they went off happier. And i’m happier as my ex is going to talk to his new partner about us opening the lines of communication so there are no more misnderstandings. Which is what caused this last outbrst to happen.
I hvae always wanted to get on with anyone ex is with as it would make things easier and better for my son. having perants who get on and can be around each others partners without there being any hard feelings or stress.
I really hpe we can get on and she is as nice as my ex says. Shes in the postion of being around my son most days of the week and i cant always expect her to never be there when ever i talk to my son or ex.
I failed today, but i meant everything i said, and tomorrow is a new day with a freash start. Hopefully i wont need many more of those.