We’re gonna lose. And badly at this years Euro Cup.

Already in the run up to the cup we have had our Captian stripped of his captiancy for saying something he shouldnt have. Something which has lead to court action being arranged for after the cup.

The manager Capello (a man whos grasp of english is poorer then Erkisens was when he took control), had a bit of a rant on Italian tv about how Terry shouldnt have been stripped of the captains band, and how he Capello was going to give it back to him.

Fast forward a week and Terry still isn’t captian of England, Capello has resigned his post as manager, and Harry Redknap, a man whos just been aquited of tax dodging is in the frame to take over.

To be honest i dont think you could make it up. If someone where to go to a publishers and submit a manuscript with these eliments in they would be laughed out the building. But such is life. Often stranger then fiction.

So who ever is going to be the new Manager of England they have an up hill battle. They have a team thats disheartened, thats spilt because of the Terry issue. Should he play, Shouldn’t he?

The person most people are saying should be captian has already stated he doesnt want it. not after last time, where he took over from Terry and a year or so later was stripped of the captaincy so Terry could be captian again. Thats not including the fact that he is the brother of the player Terry is accused of racially abusing.

The main man people want o take the managers job, has aproven track record at club level, but as far as i am aware hasnt got much in the way of true international experince, and already devides opinion as a manager.

Its a mess again and were wtill half a year away from the cup. I would say things can only get better. But this is England football team, getting ready for a cup. It really has only one way to go and thats down hill.