After many, many months of weighing the pros and cons of getting one, I caved in and got one.

It just so happened I had a bit of money, turns out nearly seven years ago i paid £300 too much in tax and the tax man wanted me to have it back. I wasnt going to say no. So after having given a bit to my dad and Some to my baby boys dad to spend on baby boy, I had a bit left over burning a gole in my bank account.

Thought about saving it but then i saw a deal on the kindle at Tesco. Buy a kindle and get a fiver off the case for it. At the same time there was a deal on the websit where if you ordered over £80 of stuff you got a tenner off your shop. Well fifteen pounds off a kindle and case I just had to get it. Worked out cheaper then Amazon.

So I got the expensive 3g wireless kindle and a lovely purple case for about the same price as the kindle would have cost me through amazon.

I’ve had the kindle for abot ten days now, and love it to bits. I do a lot of travelling at the moment, going to see son who lives over fifty miles away, having a nearly two hour round trip on bus for physio and genral waiting around at the moment mains I tend to have a lot of time where theres not much to do but listen to  music and read.

And damn it books get heavy. More so when you end up taking two books out with you as your four chapter from the end of one and know its not going to last the whole time your out of the house.

So i have a lovely kindle that slips nicely into my overly large bag, weighs next to nothing and holds more books then i know what to do with.

I am the proud owner of at the last count over a thousand books. Dont know where they all are though. Some are in boxs all over my house, others are with my ex as he wants to read them and even more are god knows where. i’ve put them down and forgotten where they are.

So you can cclearly see i love books. And even though i love my new kindle its not as good as sitting down and reading a proper book. Theres something about the smell of a new book and being the first to read its pages that just touches your soul. Going in to the classic ideal of a secound hand bookshop, where theres floor to celing shelves of books with piles of books scattered all over the show for you to fall over/in to.

You just dont get that with a kindle. There no sense of wondering who had the book before you, or whos going to have it after your six feet under and your family have rushed it along with its mates to the nearest charity/second hand book shop.

Cause god knows thats the only way i will part with my books. I have ones that have been around longer then my brother has been alive, and yes they look like it as well. Thats part of the fun of having old books.

But with the kindle it has opened my eyes to all osrts of new authors who i proberly wouldnt have read otherwise. Every day there seems to be more books i download for free to try. i currently have 35 books on my kindle. Two are authors i have read before. The others are free books that i thought i would try out. And am loving. Of the 35 books i’ve finished reading six. Read bits of a futher 12, have about  ten i downloaded today before they stopped being free. And have a few by people like Marx and Homer jsut to make sure i get some classics in there.

I would recommened anyone who thought of getting a kindle to get one. But i still think having the proper paper book is far better, and there are books out there i will