I just dont understand them.

Like any girl i like looking my best when going out for the night, or when meeting new people, but i dont get the obsession with being fully made up to nip to the corner shop. Or even in a few cases i know of in case they have to open the front door on a day off.

You know the kind i’m talking about, most often they have bottle blond hair and talk like their a bit dim. Wear pink tracksuits but never set foot in a gym. Tend to go from man to man and often the men dont have much between their ears. Surely that’s no way to live and these women can’t truly be that thick or shallow.

For instance, Jordan (or as she is otherwise known Katie Price), is the classic example of a nightmare pink princess. She has everything in pink, including a horse trailer, seems to be one of the most shallow people in the media at the moment, has had so much cosmetic surgery done its hard to see what she looked like before it. And, she just generally gives most woman a bad name.

But, she must be smarter then we all give her credit for. She’s in her thirties, so most people assume she’s way too old to do what she’s best known for, getting her tits out. She hasnt done it professionally for years, yet we are still all talking about her. seeing her image all over the place.

She’s invited to talk on programs about issues that effect woman, their are many young girls who look up to her and want to be like her. Its ten years since i first became aware of her and in that time her fame has gone from strength to strength. Shes branched out into other areas and invests her money so she can provide for herself and her family.

Alot of young girls look at her and see a woman who has it all. someone who dates the rich and famous. Has the money to get anything she wants, and all she had to do for it was have a few topless pictures taken.

They see her being valued not because of her opinions and who she is as a person, but as a piece of meat every one feels they own a piece of. And so they believe that is what they should aim for. Because no one wants you for your smarts. they just want you for your body.

None of these young pink princesses look at a woman like Kate Humble and think i want to be like her. Most of the time they look at her and think what does she look like. She mustnt care about herself. They think this because Humble works with animals and nature. Often seen in shows with none or minimal make up. She holds her own against teh man and often comes across as one of the men, not someone the men want to be with.

She’s put the work in to make sure that she is seen and reconised for her brain, not just for her looks. She may not be the prettest woman in the world, or have the biggest boobs, or have rich and famous men clamouring to be with her.

But i think young girls could learn a lot from trying to be like Humble rather then Price. Its hard to say that Humble has more self worth and pride then Price, but she is some one i would rather any daughter i may have followed the example of woman like humble then price.

And that is something Girlie girls and pink princesses these days seem to forget. You can want the Princess lifestyle and wear pink all the time, but dont forget that people who are worth your time value you for having a brain and not being afraid to show it, rather then what you look like.