Is it over rated?

Thank god Valentines Day is over and we can all go back to being loving and kind to each other to our own time scale.

Amonst all the lovey dovey programmes on tv today i caught one presented by Jo Brand. Where she looks at the  reason why we kiss and if kissing has become just something mundane, something that happens to everyone and no one at the same time.

In the programe she regulary states her haterd of public kissing, where couplse are eating each others faces and making a scene. I myself dont like seeing that. i quick peck on the lips or contained smooch is perfectly fine when your in public. I’m a touchy feely person. I like people, giving them hugs and in some case the odd kiss on the cheek/lips. But i wouldnt want to go too far with a kiss in public.

Kissing when its done right is something special, something that helps bring you closer to who your kissing. Unlike other things you can do within a relationship when you kiss you have to be in the moment. We’ve all heard stories about women laying there whilst their other half pumped away thinking about shopping/to do lists. As if its something that needs to be ticked off a list. Let husband have sex. check. are the kids uniforms washed, erm…

In my experince kissing is over looked alot when your in a long term relationship. It goes from being something you do quite alot as a way of showing how you feel for each other, to something that happens as you pass by doing something else. Sex in what ever form comes to the foreground and people notice when it gets less or not as good. Yet no one seems to notice the same about kissing.

In my 24 years of life i have only ever taken that final step of sex with two people, after many months of kissing and just talking to each other. Once sex has entered the picture the kissing and talking seemed to take a backseat. To the point where when it became to painful to have sex when i was pregant my ex and i found ourselves trying to work out where the nights of doing nothing but kissing and talking had gone to.

Talking to friends it seems to be something that happens in most relationships. Every talks about their first kiss with their partner and how it made them fee. But few of them could tell you the last time they had a kiss that meant more then goodnight or lets have sex now.

In flims and on tv much is made of the first kiss, and the kiss that brings a warring couple back together again. Theres the huge build up to teh kiss, and when it happens you get a few different camera angles of the lips meeting and the passion igniting. It all goes perfectly,

It just doesnt happen like that in real life damn it. In real life you have teeth bumps and both heads angling to the same sides, and well just pain not knowing how each other likes to kiss so sometimes its a wet sloppy mess that makes youu wonder whatall the fuss is about.

But when done right, kissing is a very sensual thing to do. You have so many nerve endings on your lips that even the lightest softest touch of a loved ones lips feels magnificent.

While you get kisses you dont really value them after the first one where everything is right, even if that kiss happens after a few pratice goes, that when you dont get kisses any more, or the person who kisses you is away you find yourself longing for someone to kiss. Someone who likes you enough and wants to be close to you enough to kiss you. You promise you’ll value all those kisses you share, but you never do when the kisses come back.

We may kiss many people in our lives, we kiss only a special few, but we shoudnt ever take kissing for granted. Its something special, between you and you partner. Something that you cant get with anyone else. Each person you kiss does it differently and moves you in a different way with their kiss. Thats something that should be valued and treasured for ever. The sex may be great and everything you wanted, but theres something more meaningful in a simple kiss. something more you can take away with you in your heart. Without the kiss as a prelude the sex most proberly wouldnt happen.