Does religion have a place in the workings of state?

In America the constitution says that religion and state are meant to be kept seperate. So that the leaders of the day aren’t moved by their religious leaders to do whats best for them not the country as a whole.

In the UK however religion and the state are intertwined. There are bishops from the Church of England sitting in the House of Lords. Helping craft the laws we have to live by. Men who it could said wear dresses on a daily bases but look down on men who like dressing as women.

I know they don’t wear dresses, there called cassocks. But, still these men dress up in dresses and put on various embroidered garments over the top. The flashier the outfit the higher in the Church you are.

The Arch bishop of Canterbury dresses in purple and the Pope in gold and white.

The people in charge of the churches believe that they have a god given right to make the laws people live by. And, there are people out there who feel they should do that. Thats on them, But its not the way i chose to live my life.

I’m not happy with there being people in the house of lords who are there because of who their family are, or because they happen to know the right people at the right time. Atleast the people in the Hose of Commons making the law where put there by someone somewhere voting for them. Even if i dont agree with the way the vote went.

In the UK no one really seems to be that bothered if their law makers are Christian, Muslim or Jew. as long as they are  trying to do their best of the everyday man thats all that matters.

Where as on the news we hear about how important someones religion is when it comes to running for the presidency of the States.

Being pregnant during the last presidential election, one where i didnt sleep, eat or drink for most of it, i watched with great intreast how one fo the main talking points was if Obama was truely Christian and not Muslim.

Its something that has carried on during his time in office. Along with demanding he prove he was born int he states and isn’t a muslim.

It seems odd to me that in a country where it is written in their laws that religion should be kept at arms length from the law makers, yet it makes a huge difference in who people will vote for.

Even during the run up to picking a Republican candidate, they are arguing over who is the most devote believer and wither Romney should be picked since he’s a Mormon. Seems to me to one of the lest important of all the things people should be wanting to know about their potential political leader.