I have just finished reading a story online about a woman in Idaho taking this drug to end an unwanted pregancy.

After doing a bit of research on it, its seems to me that this drug is a suped up version of the morning after pill. Which i know from experince isnt a fun pill to take. I was eighteen, still in Education and my boyfriend at the time was only working part time. We both agreed that it was the best action to take when the condom spilt. After  taking the pill i felt really quite ill for some hours afterward, but by the next day everything was back to normal and a normal period was had month.

I had to go and take to a pharmacist for a good ten minutes before he would sell me the pill. I spent the whole rime wishing he would hurry up.

Didnt even think about doing anything like that when my son was conceived. I was in work, my ex was in work, we were planning on getting married so it didnt really make that much difference to our plans to have a baby a little earlier then we planned.

This women in Idaho took the RU-486 pill as a last desperate measure. She already had three kids she was struggling to provide for and had spilt up with the potential father of the child.

I dont really think we can blame her for wanting to have an abortion. Its never an easy choice to make and one that we need to have proper access to information before making.

She got her sister to buy the drug over the internet for her and took the pill.

The RU-486 pill is designed to be used in very early pregnancy/in a much lower dose as a morning after pill. This poor woman was futher along in her pregnancy then she thought. So when the baby was rejected by her body it was a 21 week old fetus that possibly could have survived.

In a panic she called a friend asking for help, who being a great mate called the police. This woman is now being hounded through the courts as it turns out it is illegal for her to have taken that pill and is considered murder to have ended that babys life.

This woman has enjured months of knowing she ended the life of a healthy baby. One that was closer to being born then she thought. She’s lost her job, her family and her friends over this issue.

She gets pointed at in the street and in all likely hood her kids will be getting it in teh neck aswell. It doesnt say that in teh articule i read, but if the adults are making the mothers life hell then teh kids are going to follow suit and make her kids life hell aswell.

No one has stopped to think about the effect this has had on the mother. She took teh pill believing she wasnt that far along. Turns out she was wrong and has t now live the image in her mind of a real tiny perfectly formed baby, dead because of something she took.

She made an impossible choice. One that i think shows she was trying to be a good mum. She knew having that child would make tit even harder to proved for the kids she already had. Shes on her own with these kids and is the only one who can provide for them.

She didnt carry on with the pregnancy expecting someone else to pick up the bill for her. Which should be applauded.

There are as many opinions on this issue as there are people in the world. But io think this woman should be left alone. Left to greive for the child she lost, for she will be greiving, and left to get on with trying to raise her kids right.