Well the weight loss hasn’t gone very well.

Five weeks ago was involved in a car crash and been told to hold back on the weights I was lifting and some of the more active exercises whilst the damaged muscles and nerves had a chance to heal up.

Still waiting to get the all clear on some of them, but I have other exercises to do thanks to the physio.All based on strengthening the damaged muscles whilst letting the damaged nerves heal. I swear blind that they are meant to cause me as much pain as possible. But the nice evil fully lisenced torturer says they will help, so i do them.

This is a guy who says he’s not doing his job right if he doesnt get at least one expletive thrown at him whilst he doest the pain stuff.

But for all the not doing weightloss things i have maanged to keep at the weight i was before the crash, so thats a big something. Considering i feel like all i have done since the crash is sit and eat. So its not all bad news. Managed to hold the wieght steady for about five weeks which is the longest i’ve managed to that for in a few years. So go me.

I have a plan that when i can go back to doing the full range of exercise I’m going to get my bro to take me to the salsa club in Manchester a couple of times a month.

I get to exercise in the most fun way i can think of, and my bro gets to pick up girls, while pretending he knows how to dance.

Plus going to the club is cheaper then going to the gym, harder to get put off it by people being better then you are. The whole point of a salsa club is to have fun and no one cares if you cant dance.  Its easier to make friends, you can just walk up to someone ask them to dance or start talking to them and in most cases the answer is yes to dancing or you have an intresting chat.

And if you end up piggin out afterwards who cares, you’ve danced the night away and hopefully met a few lovely people who’ll you dance with/ talk to again.