So we went on the steam train and it was amazing fun.

It was just like stepping back in time. Everyone involved in the running of the railway was dressed in fifties attire. Right down to the twist in the womans hair. They used the kind of till you only see in movies. Where they pull a lever and numbers flash up above the till on little cards.

The tickets that we got where preprinted thick card, with the start station and end station printed on. Different colours for the different type of fares.

My dad got quite sentimental about it all. It’s a proper taste of his childhood, Right down to him talking about how people looked forward to getting rid of the steam engines.

My son on the other hand loved it all so much. The closer we got to the station the happier and harder to keep hin his seat he became. Once we got to the station he just wanted to run to the platform, where the smoke from the engine could be seen over the station building.

Once we got the tickets and on to the platform, My little man couldn’t decide what he wanted to do first, pick a carriage to get on or go and see the engine up close.

Being told he could have a look on the foot plate of the engine made his mind up for him. With a yell of happiness he ran to the engine and climbed aboard.

The ride was a bumpy as my father remembered, but my son loved every second of it. Bouncing around on his seat pointing out of the window to the shadow to the engine with the smoke flowing over the carriages. Occasionally making choo choo noises and pretending to pull the whistle chain.

We didnt take anything to eat on the train with us as we were only going one stop (about twenty mins away), but there where other people on the train who where sat there with a full picnic spread out on the tables in front of them.

Once we got to our station we went and had lunch in the station cafe where we could see the other steam engines and desiels passing by.

All in all a great day was had by all. And the little man has talked me into taking him on a Thomas themed day out on the rail line in August. Better start saving now as its gonna be an expensive day out. But, one i know for a fact the little man will love with out me having to think of anything to do. Just le the organisers of the day guide him from one activity to the next.

Next time i think we’re going bowling. Taken him before and cant believe just how strong he is when it comes to throwing the balls.