I’ve been cleaning most of the day and enjoying it.
Thats not normal for me. I hate cleaning and will do anything to avoid it. Up to and including not going where the cleaning needed doing. Out of sight out of mind.
Growing up i was never taught how to be tidy. My siblings and I made a mess during the day and it was tidied away by the tidy fairy while we slept.
As a result of that i can look at a mess and know it needs sorting out, but dont have the foggest where to start. Or whats the best way to deal with it.
Like how to put things away in a way that makes sense to someone else or even myself coming back to it at a later date.
Plus i dont do organized. When i cook i dont have things set out neatly waiting to be used. It all stays where it was put when bought till i need it. Makes making sure everything is ready at the same time a bit/lot hit or miss.
So organising cleaning really isnt something that i can do. Hell my idea of tidying is stuck in the teenage mindset. Leave it till the last possible moment to tidy and shove the stuff anywhere it can be hidden.
Its not something i’m prod of. As a mother in my midtwenties its something that really needs sorting out as soon as possible.
It’s part of the reason i lost care of my son to his dad. His dad is better at being tidy then i am, and my son happens to be slightly ocd when it comes to tidy.
He likes to have everything in a certian place and done in a certian way. He’s very tidy for a three year old. Even though he will throw things on the floor and forget about them. With just a word he will tidy things away in their proper place.Or what he tends to think of as their proper place. Ie the train tracks dont belong in a box, they belong on the floor conected with trains running on them the whole time.
Maybe i should take lessons from my son on how to be tidy. He would prob love being able to teach his mummy something he can do better then her.