Its such a small word that means so much.

Without hope the world is a cold hard place. Somewhere where you’re lost with out a clue where to turn next.

With hope the world can be an easier place to live. With hope you are able to see things in a positive light. Know that some how things will go your way and that theres someone out there who feels for you the way you feel for them. Even if you haven’t met yet.

We all have hope in various things, and have that hope given  us by the things going on around us.

A word, a deed even just reading an post or articule can make you feel lighter and more hopefull.

But it is really hope and worth something when you have it under false pretenses.

When your led to believe that something will be one way, and it turns out to be something else. When people tell you do this that and other and you’ll get the positive outcom. You do those things with the strength that hope gives you and then have it torn away from you. Often with just one or two careless words.

Words that to that person dont mean anything, but mean the end of your world. Often people dont see how that hope was there in the first place, never mind why you’ve been destoried by having it taken away again.

We all have hopes and dreams for the future and will do whatever it takes to make them come true. Even if it seems impossible that they will.

Without hope even getting out of bed in the morning can be a step too far. What do you have to get up for? Another day of doing the same thing over and over. Of not getting anywhere with anything. Why should you try? It all jsut goes tits up anyway. Nothing ever goes your way.

Hope jsut sets you up for a fall. Hope means you have fther to fall when the fall comes, which it always does. whether you see it coming or not.

Even if you dont have any hope for yourself and your life, you still somehow manage to have it for the people you love.

For the brother whos at uni. For the sister you dont talk to. For the ex who tore your world apart after promising the world. For friends you’ve lost over time or pushed away.

But most of all, for the child you helped create. The child who is yet to lose any of their innocence. Yet to learn that people lie and that mum and dad dont know all the answers.

The child for who everything is new and wonderful. And, Bad things happen to other people who within a short amount of time get rid of the bad and have good things again.

The older you get the harder it is to keep hold of any hope. Experince tells us that no matter how much hope you have something will likely go wrong.

As a child you tend to have nothing but hope, and alot of that is to do with the fact that there is always an adult around to look after you and pick you up when things go wrong.

Its human nature to have hope in something. Thats why religion of what ever flavor will always have someone following it. And, why people will always find the strength to get through the day. No matter what happens to them.

But as hope is a flimsy passing emotion, there are times when someone has just gone too long without hope or had it takena way from them one to many times and the world just seems a bit too hard to deal with, so they end it. But in a way they do have hope. They have hope that by ending their life on this world they will find something better. If thats nothing, then so be it. Nothing is better then going through life without hope and pain.