Whats the point of them?

Often its just the same few people choosing who wins what. Often there is only one catorgory where the public votes for th winner.

They just seem to be an excuse for a select few people to pat each other on the back. If your not part of the in crowd then you ahve no chance of winning a thing. Even in the awards that are picked by the piblic they only have a small short list to choose from. One that has been picked by the selcet few.

In most cases the people giving the awards like the sound of their own voices, never mind the people picking up an award. How long can tehy go on for thanking everyone right down to the person who made their underpants.

What do the awards really mean anyway?

Do they really change the world by being awarded?

The answers are nothing and nope. By getting the award your being rewarded for being in the popular crowd. For doing what people expected you to do to be in the “it crowd”.

A lot like high school really. If your pretty enough and willing to do whatever it takes then you’ll be in the popular crowd with people wanting to be like you.

But as soon as you do or say something that the popular crowd dont like, your thrown straight back into the nobody crowd. Often where your left out int eh cold because of the things you did when you where on top.

We’ve jsut had the Brit awards for music and to be honest i guessed most of the winners purely on who is accepted by the big names.

And the oscars are due on sunday. Every year people try to guess who will win what and bet money on it. Often being surprised when they dont win.

This year its very clear who will be the winner of the night. The Artist. I havent seen it yet and think that the idea of going back to the beginnings of the movie industry is a great idea. They dont make flims like they used to. Its much more about who’s starring in the film and how good the speical effects are.

I loved Avatar and thought that it deserved reconition for what it did.

But in the case of actors often the people who get them arent the best people to have won, and once they have won their fee seems to triple over night.

All the award shows have performances during them that often are jsut there to fill the time. They have sponsers who need to know their getting their moneys worth.

The shows cost just as much to put on as a whole blockbster movie to film. Surely that money could be better spent on all most anything else. Even jsut donated to a charity, since these stars all claim to be huge advocates of charities.

Theres only one awards show i even think about watching. And thats the BBC Radio 2 Folk awards.

This year it was held in the Salford Lowry. A very confusing space to be in when your not used to it. which was shown y one of the guests having truble getting to the room that was broadcasting while there was a brief interval.

For every two awards that where given out there was a live set by an act. If they couldnt play it on the stage you didnt hear it during the prefromance.

The awards were given out on one side of the stage, while on the other the acts and their equipment where  moved on and off stage.

The tickets to attend where minial in cost and the acts that won wheren’t jsut the acts that are in teh popular crowd. most of them where people who i hadnt heard of before and enjoied being made aware of their stuff.

Unlike something like the brits where you only get to hear one or two new acts per show, the folk awards make you aware of new people, even if they dont win, you can buy a cd with their stuff on from the night and get to know them better.

Surely it would be much better for all the award shows to be like that. where people are made aware of new acts and given teh chance to appericate them without being told this is who you will like this year.