I got a call late tonight from my son, way after I expected him to be in bed.

He wanted to talk to me because he, his dad and the new gf of dad where baby videos of him. The new gf was sat there talking to ex whilst I talked to my little boy.

They both know that makes me feel awkward and that I hate it when she’s around. She’s my replacement in every way. My son calls her mummy and she has taken my place in my ex’s life. A place until she showed up I was promised I would get back.

Anyway, the not so little man, he’s not far off four-foot, wanted to talk to me and was trying to show me over the phone what he was seeing. Like a lot of kids he is very vain and loves seeing photos of himself. To the point where if i get given photos of him I have to hide them quick before he claims them as his. He even knows how to the camara on my phone better than I do and his fave subject, himself.

Now my son is only three and he loved seeing his family all together and seeing us do stuff together as a family. Thank god for digital , without it he wouldn’t have half the photos and videos to watch that he does.

It got me thinking about the photos I have from my childhood. When I was forced out of the house I shared with my ex by social services I moved back in with my father.

He and my mother had spilt up a few years before hand and as such the photos were divided. My dad not being the most organised of people left his share where they were put when the photos where spilt. My father is better with digital photos. That way he ca find them and mes with the levels in the photo. My dad will most likely die with a camara in his hands. He is forever finding things to take photos of and for a lot of important events he only sees them through the lens of a camara.

But, since my dad is like that we have a ton of photos in the house. Which means going through my own childhood photos before digital came into our lives takes a long time. He only got worse when he got his first digital camara in 01.

So after getting off the phone to my little man i took out our old photos and started going through them. Having been in this house they aren’t in any sort of order. Which just makes going through them all the more fun.

The photos of us kids go back to my birth 24 and a half years ago. So que tons of dodgy clothes and hair.

Theres something heart breaking about going through old photos. Seeing people full of life in them who are no longer with us. Photos full of people we can’t remember the names of, who when the photo was taken meant something. Even if it was just being a friend to a child.

Seeing children change from young and innocent to grown and knowledgeable. Losing that sense of fun and happiness all children instinctively have. The smiles become less sweet and endearing. They become more distant from their perants. Even if there touching in the photo there is still a form of distance there.

Siblings go from being all over each other, to being awkward with each other to if their lucky being comfortable with each other again. Even more so when your talking about brothers and sisters.

Childhood photos are something to be treasured forever. They capture a moment in your life that you’ll never get back. A moment you may have been too young at the time to remember.

With the advent of digital photography more and more of those moments are getting captured and saved. More for us to look back on and hold onto when the kids have flown the nest, or in some cases like mine forcefully taken away.

As the technolgy becomes cheaper to show the digital photos in frames and on keyrings, our homes will become even more full of photos of family and special moments. In some cases changing picture every few seconds so you’re never going to get used to seeing the same photo in the same place all the time.