There is going to be a big meeting this coming week, about the use of goal line tech. This is something many fans and managers want to be brought in.

As a fan of the game who more often than not only ever watches the game on tv, I have the luxury of being able to see playback for any action. Which the referee and officials don’t. They have to rely on what they have seen in a spilt second to make their decision. A decision that has the potential to change the outcome of the match.

The reason we have referees and officials is so the match is kept fair and any disputes can be sorted out in a fast and efficient way. Which given just how big football players egos are these days needs to be done. Hey the players think the laws outside of the football ground don’t apply to them so why should the laws inside the pitch apply to them.

They have the love of thousands for what they can do with a football on the pitch, but they can lose that love by being arrogant bigots off it.

So to this end goal line tech and any other way of keeping track of the action is a must. People often throw insults and make the refs life hell because of a call they have made. Often without all the facts, whither that be by not looking in the right direction at the time of the incident, or by getting conflicting views from the officials.

By using video tech it will be even harder to make the wrong calls. People won’t be able to make refs lives hell because they feel that the decision went the wrong way, ie not in their teams favour.

We will know for a fact that the ref is seeing what we are seeing. With the use of the tech players won’t be able to get away with illegal actions when the refs back is turned.

Some dirty players, not mentioning any names but we all know who they are, will wait for a refs back to be turned before injuring another player. Knowing full will that they have a chance to get away with it. And often they do. Speshally if they make sure that they do it when the ball is at the oppisite end of the prich to them.

Ok that may be giving them a little bit too much credit in the brain department. But they must have some to be able to get to the top of their game and stay there no matter what they may do.

Hopefully this tech will be intordued and clean up the game. Making it a much more pleasent game to watch and be involved in.