Untill recently I like most people hadn’t heard of this form of sexuality.

One of my friends told me about it when we were discussing a mutual friend of ours who never talked about being interested in having a relationship with anyone. He knew people at university who were asexual and very happy to be so.

They felt that they had happier more fulfilled lives because they didn’t have the worry of finding and keeping a sexual partner. Of making sure that they are always in a position to find the one.

Recently I read an article about asexuality and the effects it had on people. Not just the person who is asexual but their friends and families.

At the moment it seems that the main reaction to being told that someone you know is asexual is one of disbelief. One of you’ll grow out of it eventually.

Just like when people come out as gay. There are a few who have good experiences of coming out. But there are still a lot out there who have a bad experience of coming out to someone they care about.

From reading the article it looks like a lot of these people get asked the same questions that gay people did and still do.

“Were you abused as a child? Are you just acting out? Exploring your options? Trying to hurt your family? What about kids? Grandkids? Do you like being lonely? Its it because of your upbringing? Where you told to deny sex? that sex it bad? Evil?

These are uncalled for and insulting questions to ask anyone. Never mind someone who has taken the brave step of telling you they are different. That they feel things differently and want different things out of life.

Even though they don’t want sex, they still feel the very human need of wanting someone to share a life with. Someone they can rely on and feel close to.

It is possible to be close to someone and have a loving relationship with out sex. We all do it every day with our best friends. We love our best friends and know that they will be there for us no matter what. Which is what we have with our lovers, only in most cases sex is thrown in aswell. Which for people who enjoy sex is a really great bonus.

Being asexual is just another way of living that doesn’t harm anyone else. People who are asexual are just as loving as those who aren’t, and is just as valid a way of living as being heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or a mixture of them all.