I love not just the show but the genre of the supernatural as a whole. Ghosts and things that go bump in the night have interested me for years.

Part of it is the very human need to know that this life isn’t it. That there is something else for us to move onto. I’ve always thought that a loving God would allow loved ones to come back in spirit form to visit us. whither we see them or not.

I grew up listening to stories of how when I was younger I would be at my Grandmothers and sit talking to my Grandpa who died when I was one.

How as a four-year old I was swinging on the furniture laughing and when asked what I was laughing at I said Grandpa and the two doggies. My grandmother asked if I could see Grandpa anywhere else and I pointed to the pics of him. Unlike in the pictures my Grandfather was stoop up, which in his last few years he couldn’t do for very long.

Or how as a two and five-year old I would sit in my bed and tell him about my new baby brother and sister. Well in the case of my sister babbled at him in the way two-year olds do.

So its fair to say that I have always believed in ghosts. And a small part of me doesn’t get why the church says ghosts are evil and don’t exist when one part of the holy trinity is the holy spirit, which takes different forms throughout the bible. So if one spirit can be good and bring peace to people then why can’t others?

Why is it wrong for a young girl to see the spirit/ghost of their dead Grandpa and be happy and comforted by it? Which is what I was told when I talked about it in a sunday school lesson on the holy spirit and how it brings happiness to us all. Which is part of the reason why I left the church.

Do I still see him now? I couldn’t swear to it. Would I like to be able to see him again? God yeah. Even in death he brought happiness to a young girl who needed it.

So I’ve gone along to Spiritualist churches, including the one where my Grandpa’s funurel was held. And been spoken too once or twice. Where I was given a message from a high-ranking military man. Now I don’t know anything about such person, and have been told by my Grandmother and Mother that this person has been talked about in connection to our family before. But, they don’t know who he was.

So if we’re working on the basis that ghosts/spirits exist, then other supernatural entities must have a fair chance of existing as well. Like demon dogs, huge black bogs with red eyes. That depending on where you come from are either the form of your death, the harbinger of your death, or something sent to terrorize god fearing folk.

Stories of fair folk, who either help look after children, steal them from their families or swap them for one of their own when the children are babies.

To that end babies were put in their cribs with various lucky charms led around them. Most made of iron, since iron burns the flesh of the fair folk.

Or how if you ventured into a fairy den they would kidnap you, one of them would take on your from, and as long as you where alive they would live your life in the outside world. The only way to get our loved one back was to kill the copy and hope that the fairies released them instead of killing them.

Many people, largely women and children died because their loved ones believed that they a changeling sent by the fair folk. Their deaths where long and torturous. Often involving fire or hot irons being applied to the skin, to a) get them to admit to being fair folk, and b) kill them to get their loved one back. The torture often went on for hours if not days, and was something that the village men would participate in if the threat was considered great enough.

Theres so much more to talk about, but I think this part has got big enough. So I’ll sign off now and write another part later.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.