So in part one we looked at ghosts, demon dogs and a bit on fair folk.

I’ll start part two by looking at vampires. There have been stories of a vampires in one form or another for centuries, and just like ghosts vampires exist all over the world. No matter where you go vampires always drain you of something important. Mostly your blood, but often your happiness and love.

We all know someone who we dread seeing, because we always feel worse leaving them then we did before hand. They drain our happiness and energy, hang around long after they should have left. Well they could be whats called a psychic vampire. I’m not saying they do exist but, we all know someone who would fit in that category, we might even be someone elses psychic vampire.

The vampires we normally think of are the blood sucking kind who’ll kill us quickly with a bit to the neck. Going back through history vampires are originally thought to be people who suffered from various illness that left them looking pale with larger teeth and craving iron, which in the past meant eating bloody meat. They didn’t have handy little pills they could take once a day to top up their iron levels.

All that changed when Bram Stoker wrote Dracula. Suddenly vampires became in from the cold. They became courtly and suave. Lore people into their lair so they could drain them and turn them into vampires too. In a way it started the whole glorifying of death and allowing people to think that there could be a way to live on after death and look just the same if not better than we did in life.

Because of the amount of folklore about vampires there are numerous cases of bodies being dug up and having a stake pushed through their heart and a brick/large stone forced into their mouths so even if they did still raise from the from grave, they couldn’t drink anyones blood.

Theres as many different ways of dealing with vampires as there are stories about what they can do and how you can find them.

In african countries there are stories of witch doctors raising people from the dead to do they’re bidding. Theres varying stories about what these people can and can’t do. These are called zombies. In some stories they are nothing more than empty shells that will do what their master tells them. In others the are very similar to what they where in life and mostly don’t have to do anything their raiser tells them to do. They can carry on “living their lives” as they did before they died.

Some people leave instructions to be raised after they die, others are petrified about it and want their families to what ever it takes to leave them dead. Up to and including getting someone to watch over their grave.

Both vampire and zombies are the go to guys when people want to make a horror film. This is because what happens to us after death is something that pray’s on our minds whither we’ll admit it does or not. There is enough that is unknown about what happens to us after death without adding in the possibility of coming back as something else.

They are a hell of a more scary than ghosts could ever be. They can physically hurt us, whereas ghosts just make noises and appear in various scary ways to make us go away.

Another go to guy for the horror movies is the shape shifter. Whither its the kind that can shift into exact copies of ourselves or people we know.Whats worse then spending time with someone telling them your secrets and doing the things you normally do with that person. Only to find that they are something else and not who you thought they were.

We all think we know someone and would know if there was something different or off about them. But shape shifters belay that assumption and prove we may not know someone as well as we thought we did. Even if its someone we have lived with and loved for years if not grown up with as children.

Or the kind that can turn into animals. I’ll go into that kind in the next part as it’s a huge area to talk about and i think possibly deserves its own post to do it justice.

Again your thoughts would be appreciated.