Is the venue for my next big day out with my little man.

The Greater Manchester Police museum, in the northern quarter of Manchester is holding an open on saturday.

It’s somewhere I have thought about taking my son in the past, and now we’re going. My son like a lot of little boys his age loves all things to do with uniforms. He loves seeing fire engines, police cars ambulances etc and will wave at whoever is in them, whither they are in a rush or not. And, more often than not he gets a wave back. Which makes his moment. Like a lot of little kids it doesn’t take much to distract him and for him to move onto the next thing.

My son was offered the chance to go, even though I can think of nothing worse than walking through Manchester on a saturday with a three-year old!!! He was offered the chance to go somewhere else, but he wanted the police place.

The museum is a what it says on the tin. A museum about the history of the GMP. Theres archives of photos from the past and various things that criminals over the years have done.Some strange and some from times gone by that we would recognise as crimes being committed everyday.

I’ve never been to the museum before, and I have to say that I’m really looking forward to going. Not so much because I’m overly interested in what the GMP has too offer. From past experience with them I’m happier not to deal with them. But a museum is likely to be staffed by volunteers and there’s little to no chance of me meeting the officers I have bad memories of.

It’s what my little boy wants to do so we will. He likes learning stuff and is under the impression that the police are there to help us and look after us. Which is something I believed untill I met a couple of officers from the GMP. And, something I want my son to believe. If anything happens to my son I would like to think that the police will look after him and help catch whoever did anything to him.

His father tells him when he’s misbehaving that the police will come and shout at him for being naughty, and that normally makes my son behave. Which is something I have carried on during my time with my son. Only way to make sure that my son knows what to expect when he misbehaves.

So its two days as I write this till we go and the little man is getting so excited about it, not just because it’s the police and I’ll be there but because his granddad and uncle will be there too. As close to a proper family day out as we can manage at the moment.

Like last time I’ll write-up what happens after we’ve had fun. I’ve got two days to think of a way to persuade my little man that he doesn’t want a Macdonald’s for lunch. He really wants a Harry Ramsden’s fish bites and chips instead. Or maybe even a nice box of popcorn chicken. Anything other than Macdonald. my father always moans about how bad Macdonald’s is for you and how expensive it is.