So I recently took up cross stitching again. With everything that’s been going on the past couple of years stitching has taken a backseat. It’s the only craft I’ve ever been even ha;lf good at.

One of the main reasons why I like it you can stab the adia as hard as you like and no one gets hurt. Well as long as you remember to keep your fingers out-of-the-way. As a stress relief its a good one. No one and nothing gets damaged. no matter who pissed off you are.

If you have the time and the inclination you can stitch pretty much anything you can imagine. Through out history important moments have been caught with the use of a needle and thread. For example the Bayeux tapestry.

It’s something that is also associated with monied women who didn’t have anything to do. Women who had nurses and governess’ to look after their children. In all period portrayals the wealthy women are shown to sit around talking while stitching. Always without a chart or even a picture to work from.

Now I have never been that good and I doubt that I will ever be that good. Theres too much life to be involved with to spend the time needed to be that good.

Theres tones of magazines that you can buy, which come with easy to stitch kits on the front. Often the kits can be stitched within a couple of hours. In other words something to do to fill an evening when there’s nothing better to do.

Inside they contain plenty of different design ideas you can do. More often than not centered around the time of year. At the moment with Mothers day just two weeks away, they are full of different designs you can do for you mother. Even if it’s just a little card that you do for her, It would mean the world to her that you took the time out to her something she can keep.

If your mothers anything like mine and me, she’ll keep it in a special box or something where she keeps everything you have ever made for her or given her in the past.For example most of the pictures my son ahs done for me are stuck to my bedroom wall, with one tucked into the case for my kindle, so I have it every where I go.

Theres also loads of internet sites you can go to that have charts on them you can print off and do at home, as well as various tips to help make stitching easier and faster. Theres various sites for people of all skill levels. Everything from total beginners who are looking for something easy to start with. Right up to advance stitchers who are looking for the next challenge.

Just because a design is huge doesn’t mean that it is hard to do. Some of the hardest ones I have attempted to do where in fact only a few inches big. The thing that makes them hard is all the different types of stitches that you could need to do to make the picture. Half or even quarter stitches are the bane of any stitchers life, to the point where I have and know others have chosen not to do a design because of the amount of none full stitches in the design.

This past week I have started and completed five designs of no more than two inches wide and four inches high. Of those five four where for my son and the other just one I wanted to do.

My son loved getting “special cards” through the post and sent to him. He calls them special because he knows that I have spent time making them for him. He’s given me a list of things that he wants me to make for him. Some of which he wants sent to him in the post, others which he wants me to give to him in person.

So for the next goodness knows how long I’m going to be trolling the sites and magazines trying to find a pattern for the things he wants. God knows where I’m going to find a good Blackpool Football Club pattern to do for him.

Next project before doing one for my son is a Mothers day card to go along with the ring I got for her. Got all my bases covered that way. A nice home made card for my mother and a ring with a stone for each of her children and a small diamond for her one and only amazing grandson. But then I would say he’s amazing. I gave birth to him.