So shapshifters.

They come in all different shapes, sizes and abilities. From the ones who can change into any shape they choose, including other people. To ones who can only change into certian shapes at certian times of the month.

For example werewolves. The lore surounding them is varied, from them being able to change only when there is a full moon, to them having to work hard to not “wolf out”. They either run in packs or are the ulitmate lone wolf trying to find somewhere they can call home.

There are as many stories about werewolves as there are about vampires. Mostly they come from the cold north. Areas like Norway and Sweden, where wolves where a problem that had to be dealt with on a daily basis.

In most of the werewolf stories to become one you have to survive an attack by one. Normally being on the verge of death for the virus to take control of your bady. In that way it is very similar to the way you become a vampire. There are a couple of stories where if both your parents are were wolves.

There are other shifters who turn in things like bears, beavers, swans etc. Often things that are common around where the story originated. Alot of the ones that are about shifters who shift into things that arent wolves are so they can move around unseen, do things that they wouldn’t be able to do as a human.

Alot of those ones seem to be mainly based aroun hunting and bringing a meal home to your family.

But the ones who turn into things like rats, swans etc, are mainly food for the other types. They are lesser beings and to be used as such.