The press complaints commission is closing down.

Surely in an ideal world it would be a big deal. Having the body that’s there for you air your grievances against the press close down. But it really isn’t.

The commission hasn’t been effective for a very long time. People have complained to it hoping for the commission to sort out bad reporting, but often the opposite has happened. With the issues being complained about being pushed further in the public by the press. Much like a child being told no and doing it any way. Repeatedly.

And let’s be honest, they where never really going to do anything against the press Its a body made up completely of people who work within the press. So it’s in their best interest to keep the bodies that own the press on side.

So are we the public going to notice any change? Doubtful.

How many people have noticed the PCC being active since it was started? Very few.

How many people have had their issues resolved by the PCC? Again very few.

How many people have heard anything good about the PCC in the time since its launch? Again very few, if any.

So will something replace the PCC?

As far as I’ve been able to work out no. And I don’t think it would be a good idea to set another version of it up any time soon. Theres too much bad feeling towards anything that should protect people from the press.

If the PCC had done its job properly then there wouldn’t be a need for it to close. People would feel safe knowing that there was something other than the court to protect them and theirs.

Going through the court system to get things sorted out is expensive and the press will always have a lot more money to throw at the process and drag it out as long as possible.

Which given the way the law is written and just how slippery the lawyers can be, it could take years to get a one sentence retraction printed in the back of the paper. One sentence that is over looked by everyone, even the people who are looking for that sentence.

One sentence to say sorry for destroying someones life. For making them undesirable number one. Changing everything that anyone ever thought of them. Including their own loved ones and friends who have known them for years.

There needs to be time for the dust to settle and for people to move on from this disaster that has been the PCC.

And when the time is right start-up another commission to keep the press in check. One that isn’t run by people who’s livelihoods depends on keeping the press on side. Something that has the power to truly stand up to the press and make them behave. And when they have done wrong, make sure that their apologies are printed in the same way and prominence that the original article was printed in.